These figurines are sold in all the major boutiques of the world. These are so perfect that they reflect the various human traits and values which inspires both praise and respect. Then again, there are figurines which characterize the natural humility. There are some which depict courage and bravery all in the midst of a frail situation. There is a wide range of these famous figurines which also depict the collective spirit of creativity and celebrate it. People who possess these figurines feel deeply connected to them as it reflects the purity of the heart which simply comes through from within these. These figurines are created in soft colors. They are inspired by earthy tones and each one of these hand sculpted figurines are painted by hand. Thus, it comes with a timeless beauty that enchants its owners and collectors for a long time. The specialty and tremendous quality resonated by the figurines from Lladro stays with the collectors from the time they own it and remains with them forever. It depicts the simplicity and beauty of friendship, and calm spirituality.