You may not recognise the name but it is almost certain that if you were to see a Lladro figurine catalogue you would be familiar with this world famous make of fine porcelain figurines. Lladro is famous world wide and in most major cities you will find a specialist shop selling its beautiful and varied range of figures. This is a long way from the early days when the three Lladro brothers started making their figures in their home in Spain in . Now the company employees over people. If you want to know more about these highly collectable pieces the Lladro figurines catalogue will give you all the information you need. The catalogue is arranged in themes sections which is helpful. Types of porcelain are also categorised e. g. : Classical Porcelain, or New Trends. These are further arranged into collections and themes for ease of searching. For those who are unsure of which piece is right for them or who need help in choosing the Lladro figurine catalogue has a special section for gift suggestions here you can see figurines for gifts for special occasions.

VINTAGE LLADRO ILLUSION MERMAID FIGURINE #1413 RETIRED PEARL FLOWER CROWN LLADRO #1413 "ILLUSION" MERMAID GIRL FINE PORCELAIN FIGURINE LLADRO Mermaid Girl #1413 Illusion Figurine Missing A Flower From Her Crown J2 LLADRO Mermaid Girl #1413 Illusion 6.25" NIB LLADRO Illusion Mermais Vintage 1983 #1413 Lladro Illusion Mermaid with Pearl Figurine 1413 Lladro Illusion Mermaid Figurine 01001413 1413 LLADRO ILLUSION MERMAID FIGURINE #1413 BRAND NIB WOODEN BASE FLOWERS SAVE$$ F/SH