When you purchase Lladro figurines, you can also purchase special insurance against breakage. Purchase of this insurance allows you to become one of the privileged members of the Lladro Company. Lladro figurines are made in the City of Porcelain, in the town of Almacera, Spain. Three brothers started this business in in the courtyard of the family home known as Lladro. Today they employ more than people and Lladro porclain are sold all over the world. Earth, color and fire are the three main elements in the creation of each of the Lladro figurines as they are hand sculpted to perfection. Lladro figurines are sold in specialty boutiques all over the world. However, you can browse an online catalog for figurines from Lladro from Spain and have the ones you want shipped to you. Use the Lladro website to locate all of the figurines they have and the retailers nearest you, if you prefer to make your purchase in person. If you have specific figurine that you want and are unable to find it in the catalog, you can email the Customer Service Department giving them the description of the figurine you want. If you happen to break one of your figurines, there are Lladro repair locations where you can send the piece.

Lladro 1445 "SPRINGTIME IN JAPAN" Porcelain FigurineLladro 1445 SPRINGTIME IN JAPAN Girls Bridge 14" Porcelain Figurine READNAO by LLADRO #1445 ~Jesus Loves You ~ Porcelain Figurine In Original BoxLladro #1445 'Springtime In Japan' with Wood BaseLladro Springtime in Japan Porcelain Figurine #1445 Geisha 1983 Retired