They are also pieces that will show guests your personality and style. Collect Lladr� handcrafted pieces for their artistry, but love them for the way they make you feel. Lladro porcelain figurines occupy prominent places in our home. My wife is a collector and we have done extensive research on Lladro figurines. We are members of the Lladro Porcelain Figurines club and subscribe to their magazine. We have done extensive travelling with an eye always open for new finds. This is a classic from childhood literature, an immortal tale of passion and determination created by Lladro Porcelain. A little one legged tin soldier falls in love with a dancer and puts his own life at risk when he attempts to save her from a fire. What at first seems to be an impossible love, eventually triumphs when both are rescued from the flames, which, instead of destroying them, has joined them together for eternity on a single heart shaped base. Lladro have long recognised the social phenomenon of story telling. From the very remotest times, people have enjoyed telling and listening to stories tales of real people and situations, or tales of imagination, all of which move us, delight us and make us dream.

Lladro 7686 PALS FOREVER, clown Issued 2000 retired 2001, w/Orig Box- 8-3/4"LLADRO SERIES LIMITADAS 2000/2001 CATALOG - HARDCOVER BOOKLladro ELITE 2000 / 2001 Spanish/English Language Catalogue of LLadro ProductsLladro New Issues 2000-2001 Color Pamphlets in Lladro 4 ring Binder Lladro SPRING OF LOVE Signed by Jáuregui + Pérez. Limited Ed 1876 426/2000 STANDLLADRO PLAYING MOM GIRL FIGURINE #6681 BRAND NIB BABY RETIRED RARE SAVE$$ F/SHLladro Society Members Only Porcelain Figurine #7686G "Pals Forever 2000-2001"