They are inspired by earthy tones and each one of these hand sculpted figurines are painted by hand. Thus, it comes with a timeless beauty that enchants its owners and collectors for a long time. The specialty and tremendous quality resonated by the figurines from Lladro stays with the collectors from the time they own it and remains with them forever. It depicts the simplicity and beauty of friendship, and calm spirituality. There is also the joy of love which you can experience when you see these figurines in person; it captures the human spirit that is appreciated and acknowledged by people from all age groups. These figurines are adored by one and all not just for their quality and beauty, but also because these showcase the best qualities of human spirit! You were delighted and felt on top of world when your friend had gifted a lladro nao figurines in your wedding celebration. It is widely believed, these unique Lladro Porcelain figurines leave an unforgettable impressions on minds of receiver of the gift. These figurines are known for their ability to portray tender moments of life with perfect display of fine facial details. When you see these details along with smooth flow of grace and rich pastel shades in them, you will understand why they perfectly fit into a collector's dream. This fine glaze of Lladro figurines is often said to be their industry secret. In fact, this glaze makes them one of the magnificent treasures with collectors.

Lladro Figurine "Adorable Innocence" #8734 Special Edition 2016 So Darling!! LLADRO 2016 CHRISTMAS BALL ORNAMENT Brand NEW IN BOX #18411Lamp by: Lladro NAO by Lladro Peanuts Porcelain Figure Charlie Brown Figurine 02000532Lladro 2159 Pensive Eskimo Boy, GRES finish, issued 1985, retired 2016NAO BY LLADRO~DISNEY'S BASHFUL #1819 BRAND NIB~SNOW WHITE SEVEN DWARFS~FREE SHIPLladro Annual Christmas Bell 2016 Annual Bell L8409 - Boxed 10977996Lladro Annual Ball Ornament 2016 Christmas Ball-L8411 - Boxed 10977916