Their success from there was quick and their workshop was expanded and expanded until eventually they moved to their current home in Tavernes Blanques in . From these humble beginnings, their pieces have become some of the most collected and sought after sculptures produced. Lladro prices likewise reflect their unique status. Competing for market share with other collectibles like Precious Moments and Royal Doulton, a Lladro figurine is still the prize of most collections. NAO Lladro The product line of NAO by Lladro is another great example of how Lladro prices and values blow away the competition in Porcelain Figurines. Their creation of a brand within a brand further entrenched the already iconic line. NAO is a sub brand whose pieces are distinguished by the simplicity of their forms, subject matters and colorful presentations. It should be known that all NAO figures are crafted by the team of sculptors at the City of Porcelain and are constructed at the company's workshops in the town of Xirivella, in Valencia Spain. If you would like more information on NAO, you should visit the official NAO website. Retired Lladro Statues Even more impressive then the value of their current pieces is the Lladro prices of their retired figures. Once a particular piece is retired, you can count on the price increasing dramatically.

Lladro Jolie Lady with Parasol 7 1/2 Inch Tall Figurine 5210Retired Lladro 5210 Daisa 1983 Girl Bow Lace Parasol Umbrella Porcelain FigurineLLADRO Jolie Girl with Parasol Umbrella Porcelain Figurine - No. 5210Lladro Daisa JOLIE GIRL Figurine #5210 No ParasolLladro Jolie #5210 Porcelain Figurine Lladro “Jolie” Lady with Parasol Umbrella #5210 Figurine ~ Missing ParasolLladro Porcelain Figure 5210 - Jolie with Parasol - Artist Signed - 7½ inchesLladro Girl with Pink Parasol JOLIE # 5210LLADRO 5210 Jolie Retired Mint Condition! Original Blue Box! [email protected]@K!Lladro Figurine, Jolie, Girl with Parasol (5210) 7.8" NIBLladro Figurine "Girl Named Jolie Opening Her Parasol" by José Puche #5210. 1983Lladro 5210, Jolie Lady with ParasolLladro “Jolie” Lady with Parasol Umbrella #5210 Figurine |No Box | No Parasol Lladro #5210 "Jolie" Lady with Parasol figurine 7 1/2" tallLladro Daisa JOLIE GIRL Figurine #5210 No Box Or ParasolLladro Figurine, Jolie, Girl (No Parasol) (5210) 7.375” TallLladro Daisa JOLIE GIRL Figurine #5210 No Box Or Parasol Otherwise Perfect Cond.Lladro Girl with Pink Parasol JOLIE # 5210Lladro Daisa JOLIE GIRL Figurine #5210 No Box Or Parasol Otherwise Perfect Cond.