Their creation of a brand within a brand further entrenched the already iconic line. NAO is a sub brand whose pieces are distinguished by the simplicity of their forms, subject matters and colorful presentations. It should be known that all NAO figures are crafted by the team of sculptors at the City of Porcelain and are constructed at the company's workshops in the town of Xirivella, in Valencia Spain. If you would like more information on NAO, you should visit the official NAO website. Retired Lladro Statues Even more impressive then the value of their current pieces is the Lladro prices of their retired figures. Once a particular piece is retired, you can count on the price increasing dramatically. Since each piece has a finite number produced, once a piece is retired the collector's demand to have one of the limited units drives the price up. Here is the difference between an open edition, a limited edition and a numbered series"In Open Editions, the piece is produced in an unlimited number from the date of its issue until its retirement year. In Limited Editions, the piece is produced in a limited number from the date of its issue and is then sold out when the whole series is commercialized. The number of units to be produced is decided before the introduction of the specific piece which will be commercialized together with a certificate authenticating it as a limited edition. In Numbered Series, the piece is produced from the date of its issue until its retirement date, but numbered in a non limited form, and commercialized together with a numbered certificate.

Lladro _ Ten and Growing _ Girl Kissing Boy 7 1/2 Inch Figurine with Box 7635Lladro Figurine, 7635 Tne and Growing Lladro Cute Young Love Figurine Ten And Growing 07635 MINT Nice Gift Sweet NIBVtg Lladro Porcelain "Ten and Growing" 7635 Collectors Society w/ Original BoxLladro 7635 TEN AND GROWING, Girl Kissing Boy, retired 1995, w/Orig Box - 7-3/4"Vintage LLADRO Ten and Growing Figurine #7635, RETIRED Francisco Polope 7-3/4" Lladro "Ten and Growing" #7635 Girl Kissing Boy Porcelain Figurine MINT - BoxLladro "Ten and Growing" #7635 Girl Kissing Boy Figurine Signed M.C LladroGenuine Lladro Porcelain Figurine Ten And Growing 7635 Girl Kissing Boy On Bench