You can also find bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, tumblers for toothbrushes, shelves, towel rails, and similar items. If you elect to transform your bathroom into the "Nautilus" Lladro bathroom design, you can expect a seascape theme, or "nautical" theme. The faucets in this design are sleek, and complete with shell type engravings on the handles. Soap dispensers, shelves, and other bathroom accessories are all carved to match the basic nautical design. Many people enjoy this type of "sea" decoration because they can work in other Lladro masterpieces into the design. These items may include the various vases offered by the Lladro Company, the D sculptures, and more. If you have always wanted a showcase bathroom, you may want to consider transforming your basic bathroom into a Lladro bathroom. With this type of bathroom, you can bring style, design, art, and class all in one shot! Your bathroom should be a place to unwind and get refreshed, so pamper yourself with a revitalizing update to this room. When you first look at Lladro, it might just take your breath away. The muted colors, the shiny gloss to each of them, the blue box and the trademark on the bottom of each piece are a signature for them. There is a huge collectors' club that you can join.

Lladro Afternoon Promenade Lady With Parasol 1995 Club 7636 LLADRO FIGURINE 7636 AFTERNOON PROMENADE GIRL with PARASOL MINT CONDITION+BOX Lladro 1995 "Afternoon Promenade" Lady with Parasol #7636 Glossy Society Piece LLADRO 7636 Afternoon Promenade Retired LLADRO vintage 1995 figurine ‘Afternoon Promenade’ MINT Original box #7636 Lladro Afternoon Promenade #7636 1993 w/Parasol Wrapped with box LLADRO "AFTERNOON PROMENADE" #7636 -W/ BASE -ELEGANT LADY W/ PARASOL - LCS - MIB 1995 LLADRO #7636 Afternoon Promenade Missing Umbrella MINT IN BOX Lladro 7636 Afternoon Promenade Lady with Parasol Porcelain Figurine Lladro Society Figurine AFTERNOON PROMENADE LADY GIRL With PARASOL 7636 With Box Lladro Society Figurine PICTURE PERFECT GIRL W/ PARASOL DOG 7636 Mint Box -DEMEI LLADRO #7636 Afternoon Promenade Collectors Society ~ Porcelain Glossy Figurine LLADRO #7636 AFTERNOON PROMENADE Woman Lady w/ (Missing) PARASOL Spain Lladro Figurine #7636 Afternoon Promenade, No box, 10 1/2" 27cm Retired LLADRO Afternoon Promenade Collector Society 7636 RETIRED LLADRÓ Afternoon Promenade 7636 Society Piece of 1995 with Original Box LLADRO PORCELAIN LADY W/PARASOL, "AFTERNOON PROMENADE" #7636 OTT-0122*06349 Lladro Society #7636 "Afternoon Promenade Lady with Parasol" - In Original Box Lladro Retired Figurine #7636 “Afternoon Promenade “ LLADRO' FIGURINE,AFTERNOON PROMENADE (#7636) - | RETIRED | FREE SHIPPING | LLADRO PORCELAIN FIGURINE COLLECTORS SOCIETY AFTERNOON PROMENADE #7636 RETIRED Lladro Afternoon Promenade 7636 Figurine Girl with Parasol Mint in Box LLADRO AFTERNOON PROMENADE 11" NEW IN BOX 7636 Society Piece 1995 made Spain Lladro Figurine #7636 Afternoon Promenade, with box, 10 1/2" Afternoon Promenade Lladro no ending 7636 Lladro Figurine: 7636 Afternoon Promenade, NIB LLADRO 7636 Afternoon Promenade Retired Original Grey Box! Mint Condition! [email protected]@K! Lladro "Afternoon Promenade" #7636 LLADRO 7636 "AFTERNOON PROMENADE" PORCELAIN FIGURINE~~MINT IN ORIGINAL BOX ~~ LLadro Porcelain AFTERNOON PROMENADE #7636 Collectors Society mark. 1994 MINT LLADRO 7636 AFTERNOON PROMENADE PORCELAIN FIGURINE~~Missing Umbrella Lladro 7636 "AFTERNOON PROMENADE" 1995 Lladro Collectors Society Porcelain Figur LLADRO AFTERNOON PROMENADE PORCELAIN FIGURINE # 7636 MINT IN ORIGINAL BOX 1995 LLADRO #7636 AFTERNOON PROMENADE BNIB LADY WITH PARASOL LLADRO "Afternoon Promenade”, #7636 PORCELAIN FIGURINE RETIRED Women W/ Umbralla Lladro 7636 Afternoon Promenade - w/ BOX Lladro 7636 Afternoon Promenade w/ Original Box LLADRO #7636 AFTERNOON PROMENADE BNIB LADY WITH PARASOL $200 OFF FREE SHIPING