If there are individuals who are fond of collecting classic cars, postage stamps or rare paintings, there are also some who collect and pay handsomely for these Lladro Figurines, which may be considered as the Rolls Royce or the Picasso of fine porcelain decors. Lladro Figurines emanated way back in , when Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro made their first pieces in a Moorish furnace in their home in Alm�ssera Valencia in Spain. With this they managed to fuse their artistic values with their work in a tile and crockery factory. For some reason, their creations had attracted a number of followers because of their unique character and brilliance. By , the trio began working on sculptures that were clearly influenced by th century settings. These pieces were likened to the 'works of art' of past porcelain masters. Lladro Figurines began to really take center stage when Juan, Jose and Vicente decided to devote themselves solely to their creations in and transfer their workshop to a bigger warehouse in the town of Tavernes Blanques. Their old workplace was simply too small for their rapidly expanding business and the demand was growing profusely. The brothers introduced improvements not only in the patterns and designs of the figurines but as well as the firing methods, changing the three layer firing to a one layer process. One firing is a pioneering technique which results in the crystalline finish and the pastel quality that is a signature of Lladro Figurines. To give you a sneak preview of how Lladro Figurines come to life, each piece is actually a result of a very taxing artistic process.

Lladro Mini Nativity Ornament ANGEL Miniature Christmas figure Lladro Mini Nativity Ornament ANGEL Miniature Christmas figure Standing Nao By LLADRO #312 Baby Jesus Nativity Figure Christmas Child 1992 with Box Lladro Children Nativity Baby Jesus #4670, Mary #4571 & Joseph #4672 MINT!! Lladro-Nativity Children---Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus PLUS 2 extra Vintage Lladro Baby Jesus 04670 Porcelain 1969 With Box Lladro #4670 sleeping baby Jesus child on pillow figurine, no box LLADRO NAO "HOLY FAMILY" BABY JESUS, MARY & JOSEPH NO BOX CHRISTMAS WOW! JSH Lladro Nativity  (St. Joseph 05476, Mary 05477, Baby Jesus 05478, Donkey 05483) Lladro Mini Pesebre Nativity Baby Jesus Mary Joseph Ornament 3 Piece Set #5657 Lladro Daisa Porcelain Gloss Vintage Figurine of Baby Jesus Children’s Nativity Lladro NAO Nativity Joseph Mary Jesus A Child is Born 1439 Lladro Nativity Set Christmas MARY JOSEPH BABY JESUS THREE KING,ANIMALS GRE Lladro Nativity Set Christmas 11 Pcs MARY SAINT JOSEPH BABY JESUS THREE KING Lladro Christ Child Nativity / Baby Jesus 4670 (60)Lladro Little Jesus #04535 NIB Lladro Porcelain Holy Family Joseph, Mary, Jesus Christ Child Lladro Miniature Ornaments Nativity Joseph Mary Baby Jesus Sagrada Familia Nativity Lladro Sleeping Baby Jesus Lladro "Baby Jesus" Nino Belen #4670 Nativity, Excellent w/box 1990 LLADRO BABY JESUS Children Christmas Nativity Spain Original Box / Straw Lladro Baby Jesus Porcelain Figurine H:2" / L: 4" IN BOX Valencia Espana 05478 B Lladro Miniature Ornaments Nativity Joseph Mary Baby Jesus Sagrada Familia Vintage LLadro 1993 Porcelain Christmas Bell Ornament GP3025936 Vintage LLadro 1996 Porcelain Christmas Bell Ornament GP3025935 Vintage LLadro 1991 Porcelain Christmas Bell Ornament GP3025935 lladro Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. #636 hand made in Spain. 7 1/2 inches tall. Lladro Figurine CHRISTMAS NATIVITY BABY JESUS #1388 Retired Lladro 4670 4671 4672 Children Family Nativity Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus Box incl  Lladro NAO Baby Jesus 4" nativity figurine made in Spain LLADRO BABY JESUS FIGURINE FOR NATIVITY SCENE *** FREE SHIPPING *** Lladro Virgin Mary Nativity Figurine and baby Jesus Figurine set 5 PC CHILDREN'S NATIVITY LLADRO AND ZAPHIR SPAIN PORCELAIN SET BABY JESUS MARY + LLADRO BABY JESUS Nativity Figurine 4670 WITH ORGINAL BOX! Vintage Lladro Sagrada Familia 5.657 Nativity Ornaments Joseph Mary Baby Jesus Lladro--3-Pc Set---Nativity Children---Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus--#4670-72--Spain Lladro 5657 Nativity Set of 3 mini Holy Family Ornaments Figurine Baby Jesus LLADRO NAO "Holy Family" Nativity Christmas Mary Joseph Jesus vintage Christian LLADRO Vintage 1970s Baby Jesus Figurine Sleeping on a Bed of Hay 3 1/2" NO BOX LLADRO #17805 SILENT NIGHT SET OF 3 SAINT JOSEPH BABY JESUS VIRGIN MARY BNIB F/S LLADRO 04670 BABY JESUS Sleeping On Pillow, Bed Of Hay No box LLadro Baby Jesus Nativity Figurine. Gres 01012277