And now you can bring these distinctive pieces into your home to add a touch of warmth and artistry to any room. Lladr� has figurines to match any motif or mood, making decorating with the pieces so easy. The figurines also make the perfect gift for someone who has a new home, recently remodeled or anyone who would appreciate a unique piece of craftsmanship in a special room. Tranquility For The BedroomLooking to inspire a restful sleep or create a sanctuary for relaxation in the bedroom? Lladr� specializes in figurines that convey a peaceful demeanor and comforting display. The "Sleeping Girl" piece for example, is a gorgeous display of serenity and spirituality. The crisp white porcelain angel is uniquely both sensuous and demure. This angel's celestial appeal will fill any room with her soothing grace. With a youthful frame and delicately crossed legs, this angel strikes a contemplative pose while resting on her elbows in a gentle prayer pose. Intricate details like realistic feathers on the wings, an ornamental arm band featuring green ivy and crisp leaves and flowing hair in the softest shade of dusty blonde make this a true collector's piece. The piece is completed by its overall soft matte satin porcelain finish. Everyday EleganceBut you don't need a holiday to celebrate the beauty of Lladr� porcelain figurines.

Lladro 5364 "Litter of Fun" Girl with Puppies Retired - pristine w/ box Lladro Ten and Growing Boy Girl On Bench 1995 Club 7635 Lladro Summer Stroll Club 1991 Woman With Parasol And Bird 7611 LLADRO #5475 " A LESSON SHARED " GIRL READING TO PUPPY-Pristine w/ box Lladro Picture Perfect Lady Parasol And Puppy 1991 Club Issue 7612 Lladro Pick Of The Litter Girl With Puppy Dogs 7621 Lladro Now And Forever 1995 Collector Club Anniversary Issue 7642 Lladro Neglected Clown Shelf Sitter 1503 RARE Figurine Lladro Naptime Girl Sleeping In Rocking Chair 5448 Lladro Little Riders Boy Cat Skateboard 1994 Store Event Figurine 7623 Lladro It Wasn't Me Dog With Flower Pot 1998 Club 7672 Figurine Lladro I Love You Truly Wedding Couple 1528 Bride Groom Lladro Figurine 5221 Sweet Girl with Flowers - Pristine Condition w/ box Lladro Horned Owl Figurine 5420 Perched On Branch Lladro Gymnast Girl With Ball 5333 Lladro Good Bear Sitting Figurine 1205 Lladro Girl With Doll In Toy Wagon Figurine 5044 Lladro Generous Gesture 6399 Girl Dove And Flowers Lladro Garden Classic Lady Walking Dog 1991 Event 7617 Lladro For A Perfect Performance Ballerina Figurine 7641 Lladro Dreaming Of You 6315 Young Lady Sitting On Chair Lladro Destination Big Top Figurine 6245 Circus Clown With Dog Lladro Bear Seated Figurine 1206 Lladro Beagle Puppy Sitting 1071 Figurine Vintage Lladro Beagle Puppy Lying 1072 Figurine Vintage Lladro Basket Of Love 1994 Club Figurine Lady With Flowers 7622 Lladro Autumn School Girl With Doll Fall Leaves 5218 Figurine Lladro Attentive Bear Walking Figurine 1204 Lladro All Aboard 1992 Club Boy And Train 7619 Figurine Lladro Afternoon Promenade Lady With Parasol 1995 Club 7636 Lladro Adolescence Boy With Guitar Serenading Girl 4878 Figurine Lladro Spring Bell 7613 MINT IN BOX 1998 Lladro Collectors Society Bird Scroll Rose Feather Daisa Display Figurine Lladro 5226 Male Candle Holder Porcelain Greek Venetian Style Retired Rare Large lladro figurines collectibles retired, item # 01006181, Dama Manos Atras Velisa Lladro Porcelain Figurine Lucky Sleeping Panda on Branch Lladro Flower Song 7607 Girl Figurine in Original Box, 1988 Collectors Soceity Lladro 4808 WEDDING Figurine Bride & Groom 8" No Box Lladro Figurine - Angel's Group # 4542 (Group of Angels) Original Box - Retired Lladro 6793 A Day With Dad w/ Original Box Lladro #8029 The Happiest Day Bride & Groom Couple w/ Box Vintage LLADRO Mini Camisones( Christmas Morning) original box