You should check the bottom of the figurine if it has the Lladro prototype printed at the bottom, then you can be definitely sure you are an owner of an authentic figurine of Lladro from Spain. Insurance is the key word. In an unfortunate fate that your Lladro porcelain might break, don't fret since there are repair centers you can go to have your items fixed. The company does not have its own repair shop for Lladro figurines, but if you contact the Customer Service, a representative will be able to give you the name of the company that does its repairs in your country. This is what makes these collectible figurines so valuable and why people who have them want to get the proper Lladro repaired if something happens to them. The numbered series of figurines are also produced in a limited number and carry a certificate of authenticity. In order to complement your Lladro porcelain, you can purchase accessories to have the edge over other Lladro porcelain collectors. It is advisable however to get an insurance against breakage for your accessories along with the porcelain figurines you have purchased and with this you are now a member of the privileged Lladro from Spain. Are you in search of exquisite and authentic Lladro piece ? Either for your collection or as part of your home? You can visit and see the vast array of porcelain figurines in their collection vault. The pottery that we know as porcelain was first transformed by the Chinese approximately one thousand years ago. This pottery or porcelain then took hundreds of years to evolve to where it is today.

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