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Lladro Christmas Bell 1990 retired  #5641 Matte Finish W/ Box & Papers LLADRO Christmas Bell 1989 #5616 Matte Finish W/Box and Papers LLADRO 1991 BISQUE CHRISTMAS NATIVITY BELL HOLIDAY ORNAMENT NO BOX 1988 Lladro Christmas Bell Lladro Christmas Bell Ornament 1988 no. 5.525 NIB 1989 Lladro Christmas bell Lladro Figurine: 5525 Christmas Bell (1988), w/ Box Lladro 1991 Christmas Bell with Box - 5803 1987 Lladro Christmas Bell 1995 Lladro Christmas Bell 1996 Lladro Christmas Bell 1987 Lladro N5 458 Campanita Navidad Procelan Bell Ornament Children Orig Box Lladro Christmas Bell 1987 year Porcelain Matte Finish  Lladro Christmas Bell 1988 Retired 5525 Porcelain Matte Finish W/Box & Papers Vintage Lladro Christmas Bell Ornament 1987 Jasperware Fine Porcelain~New In Box Lladro Porcelain 1988 Christmas Bell Mint Green Spain Ornament No Box Lladro Porcelain 1993 Christmas Bell Mint Violet Spain Ornament No Box Lladro Annual Christmas Porcelain Ornament Bell Vintage 1988 Lladro 1988 Porcelain Winter Bell Ornament Vintage Lladro 1987 Porcelain Winter Bell Ornament Vintage Lladro 1989 Porcelain Winter Bell Ornament Vintage 1988~ LLADRO CHRISTMAS BELL*Green*Original BOX*FREE SHIP* Mint Condition* Lladro 1989 Christmas Bell Porcelain Ornament No. 5.616 Yellow VINTAGE No Box Lladro Annual Christmas Porcelain Ornament Bell Vintage 1988 Lladro 1990 Christmas Bell Ornament Three Wise Men Blue Trim with Box Vintage Vintage 1987 Lladro First Annual Christmas Porcelain Ornament Bell Lladro Bell Ornament 2004 Vintage 1988 Lladro Porcelain Bell Ornament Mate No. 5525 Campanita Navidad lladro figurines collectibles Lladro 1987 First Annual Porcelain Christmas Bell Ornament LLADRO ANNUAL CHRISTMAS BELL ORNAMENT 1993 FLIGHT TO EGYPT - EXCELLENT! Lladro Christmas Bell 1998 . Excellent Condition Vintage LLadro 1991 Porcelain Christmas Bell Ornament GP3025935 Vintage LLadro 1993 Porcelain Christmas Bell Ornament GP3025936 Vintage LLadro 1996 Porcelain Christmas Bell Ornament GP3025935 Lladro 1996 Christmas Bell Porcelain Ornament 16297 Pink Lladro 1995 Christmas Bell Ornament #16206 Original Box LLADRO 1991 PORCELAIN CHRISTMAS BELL, No.5803, "CAMPANITA NAVIDAD", IN BOX Lladro Christmas Bell, 1992 including original box  Lladro 1994 Porcelain Winter Bell Ornament Vintage Retired w/ Box White Blue Lot of 5 Lladro Christmas Tree Bell Ornaments in excellent condition; no box Lladro Porcelain 1994 Christmas Bell Ornament #16139 in Original Box