They attended Valencia School of Arts and Craft, While the family depended on farming for livelihood, the brothers followed their dreams and born abilities of the fine arts. Juan and Jose studied drawing, while Vicente studied sculpting. They built a kiln in their backyard , and began experimenting with the new firing and finishing techniques. Their first Lladro retail shop, opened in Valencia in , in they moved from their small workshop at their family home, to a larger factory workshop in a nearby town called Tabernas . A major growth period for Lladro occurred in the 's where the Tabernas workshop was enlarged times. In the 's, their workshop was as large as the city, now called the city of porcelain. Lladro now employs over people and maintains retail shops in Europe, New York, Williamsburg, VA, Miami, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, Sidney to name a few. , markets its creations in over countries. What is the City of Porcelain? All Lladro figurines are made in the City of Porcelain, a spectacular complex measuring some , sq. ft. just outside Valencia, Spain.

Lladro Figurine: 5458 Christmas Bell (1987), w/ Box Lladro Saint Nicholas No.5427 Figurine Original Box Lladro "King Melchor" Figurine Christmas Holiday Ornament Spain 1996 EC 3 1/2" *NEW* LLADRO PORCELAIN ANGEL TREE TOPPER *Perfect!* Lladro Little Jesus figurine - perfect condition with original box Lladro Figurine Christmas Ornaments - 15 Nativity figures Lladro GOLFER 01004824 Lladro PRETTY INNOCENCE (SPECIAL EDITION) 01008733 Lladro Christmas King Gaspar, Nativity Figurine 01005480 Lladro Christmas KING MELCHIOR 01005479 Lladro Boy and Girl Flowers 01005555 LET'S MAKE UP Lladro Penguin Love Figurine 01008414 Lladro The Guest Little-purple on yellow Figurine. Small Model 01007746 Lladro Blessed Virgin Mary Figurine 01008642 Lladro Heavenly Stars Angel Figurine 01006924 Lladro Traveling Companions Woman Figurine 01006753 Lladro May Flowers Girl Figurine 01005467 Lladro Birds Love Nest Doves Figurine 01006291 Lladro Boy with Dog 01006902 MY LOYAL FRIEND Lladro Boy Summer SURF'S UP 01008110 Lladro Christmas King Balthasar Nativity 01005481 Lladro Lady woman YOUNG WATER GIRL 01012336 Lladro woman lady SITTING BATHER 01009157 Lladro THE SNAKE 01006780 Lladro Christmas Tree Figurine. Golden Lustre white 01007089 Lladro Christmas Saint Joseph Nativity Figurine 01005476 Lladro 4670 4671 4672 Child Holy Family Nativity Mary St. Joseph Baby Jesus MIB Lladro King Gaspar Nativity Christmas Figurine 01001424 LLADRO Porcelain Nativity Figurine Christmas Collection Decoration Ornamental LLADRO #5831 Angel Tree Topper - Pink 7.25" Porcelain Christmas Figurine C0179C2 Lladro “A Heavenly Christmas” #01863 NIB With Stand, Signed LLADRO MADONNA NATIVITY FIGURINE #4534 RELIGIOUS MARY!! Lladro RETIRED ANGEL ANGELIC VIOLINIST 01006126 CHRISTMAS FIGURINE Mirmasu Porcelain 3 Kings and Cow Figurines Spain**Lladro inspired**Vtg Nativity Lladro Figurine ANGELIC VIOLINIST ANGEL CHRISTMAS TREE TOPPER #6126 no box LLADRO #5831 Angel Tree Topper - Pink 7.25" Porcelain Christmas Figurine LLADRO 7 1/8" TRIO OF ANGELS FIGURINE singing a christmas carol SCULPTURE 4542 Lladro Figurine #6532 A CHRISTMAS SONG Girl w/ Horn - EXC Lladro Retired LIMITED A FAMILY CHRISTMAS 01008260 HOLIDAY PORCELAIN FIGURE Lladro Christmas Retired SANTA CLAUS MESSENGER Limited Edition 01001904 Lladro 6532 6633 6534 Christmas Song, Christmas Caroler, Spirit Of Christmas MINT Lot of 3 Lladro Christmas Ornament Elf Snowman Santa Claus w Box 1991 & '92