In , from a small farming community near the city of Valencia, Spain came three brothers, Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro. They attended Valencia School of Arts and Craft, While the family depended on farming for livelihood, the brothers followed their dreams and born abilities of the fine arts. Juan and Jose studied drawing, while Vicente studied sculpting. They built a kiln in their backyard , and began experimenting with the new firing and finishing techniques. Their first Lladro retail shop, opened in Valencia in , in they moved from their small workshop at their family home, to a larger factory workshop in a nearby town called Tabernas . A major growth period for Lladro occurred in the 's where the Tabernas workshop was enlarged times. In the 's, their workshop was as large as the city, now called the city of porcelain. Lladro now employs over people and maintains retail shops in Europe, New York, Williamsburg, VA, Miami, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, Sidney to name a few. , markets its creations in over countries. What is the City of Porcelain? All Lladro figurines are made in the City of Porcelain, a spectacular complex measuring some , sq. ft.

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