We have done extensive travelling with an eye always open for new finds. This is a classic from childhood literature, an immortal tale of passion and determination created by Lladro Porcelain. A little one legged tin soldier falls in love with a dancer and puts his own life at risk when he attempts to save her from a fire. What at first seems to be an impossible love, eventually triumphs when both are rescued from the flames, which, instead of destroying them, has joined them together for eternity on a single heart shaped base. Lladro have long recognised the social phenomenon of story telling. From the very remotest times, people have enjoyed telling and listening to stories tales of real people and situations, or tales of imagination, all of which move us, delight us and make us dream. Consequently, under their Privilege Gold banner, Lladro have launched a new collection of creations inspired by enduring classic tales. It gets under way with Little Tin Soldier, an ancient story of enduring love that has enchanted children and adults alike for over a hundred years. The characters of this charming tale the beautiful ballerina and the brave soldier are an example of true love and beauty. They are the leading players in an intense and exciting love story that is now born again in the form of a delicate porcelain figure. Lladro porelain have captured the dancer's beautiful dress and graceful pose, the soldier's stylish uniform and his loving look.

LLADRO FIGURINE #6304 "BASS DRUMMER" MINT CONDITION WITH ORIGINAL BOX Original Retired LLADRO Figurine Friendly Duet #6846 Drummer Boy & His Dog 2003 LLADRO "FRIENDLY DUET" #6846 BOY W/ DRUM PUPPY DRUMSTICKS SIGNED RETIRED 2003 Lladro Christmas Nativity Drummer Boy LLADRO Bass Drummer #6304 Porcelain Figure Retired MINT MARCHING/MUSIC BAND Lladro Figurine 5403 Drummer Boy As Is 12.5" (AP 00040 ) Lladro 4617 "Group of Musicians" young drummer and trumpet player - MWOB, RV$485 LLADRO "BASS DRUMMER" #6304 FIGURINE ~ BOY PLAYING BASS ~ PERFECT!!! ~ NEW LLADRO DRUMMER BOY NATIVITY FIGURINE #8415 BRAND NIB CHRISTMAS SAVE$$ F/SH