To give you a sneak preview of how Lladro Figurines come to life, each piece is actually a result of a very taxing artistic process. Sculptors are driven by their own inspiration but also conduct a painstaking task of research if the need arises. This is usually done for pieces or collections that convey other cultures. But simply put each creation starts off with an artistic inspiration. The sculptor then creates the first sketch of the new figure in clay, which is scrutinized and endorsed by the so called Creativity Committee, composed of numerous members, one of whom comes from the Lladro family. After which, the sketch, in clay, is reproduced in plaster to provide the first mold, which will then become the final mold for the porcelain figurine. To date, there are already a number of collections of Lladro Figurines in the company's historic catalogue, namely the Limited Editions, the High Porcelain, the Privilege Gold, the Lladro Collector's Society and the Lladro Privilege. With all the mass production that has been going on, the company has even decided to imprint a one of a kind logo on all their figurines. Beside "Porcelanas Lladr�", sculptors affix a Greek master piece, the Victory of Samotracia, therefore associating their surname to the principle of classical art. This makes Lladro Figurines a thing of beauty and a true epitome of miniature elegance. I often surf the net and go to specialty shops to search for exquisite authentic porcelain figurines for my collection.

LLADRO #1263 Duck Running Glossy 5” NO BOX Lladro Figurine Porcelain Mother Goose/Duck with Goslings/Ducklings 5"x4"-Spain Lladro Nao 245, Little Duck NAO By Lladro Resting Cuddling Ducks Figurine READ LLADRO Little Duck Bird Spain Porcelain Figurine Hand Made Retired 4”T 3.5”W LLADRO #4849 Food for Ducks *Glossy NAO LLadro Daisa Spain Hand Painted Porcelain 3 Ducks Figurine Statue Vintage Lladro 1307 "Little Ducks after Mother" 4 "DUCKLINGS" w Mother -REPAIRED, RV$180 RETIRED LLADRO #4510 GIRL WITH GEESE/DUCKS AND UMBRELLA GLOSSY FINISH. Collectible Unmarked Porcelain Goose or Duck Figurine High Gloss Glaze Lladro Porcelain How Do You Do Duck w Ducklings Looking at Snail #1439 Lladro #B-22E Large Duck Figurine, Retired, Mint Condition, Custom Made, ta06 Lladro #5553 Little Duck Figurine, Retired, Mint Condition, ta05 Lladro "Little Ducks" Glossy Porcelain Ducks, Set of 3, Spain Lladro #2113 "My Little Ducklings" girl w two ducks in basket GRES - 9 3/4” Tall Lladro #4552 Little Duck "Handmade in Spain" Lladro #4553 Little Duck Handmade in Spain NAO BY LLADRO~ #1642 DAYDREAMING WITH DONALD~BRAND NIB DISNEY DUCK FREE SHIPPING LLADRO NAO White Duck Porcelain Figurine Made in Spain Daisa 1978 5.5”T 5”W Lladro "DUCK PULLING PIGTAIL" GIRL #2095 Gres Retired Figurine Looks New 1978 Lladro Little Bear and RARE Little Duck figurines LLADRO Geese Group 4549 Birds Ducks Porcelain Collectible Lladro Nao Figurine, Group of Ducks, (0006) 4.5" No Box Lladro Figurine: 4895 Ducks, w/ Box Lladro Figurine: 4849 Feeding the Ducks, No/ Box Lladro Figurine Ducks Basket Porcelain Figurine Made In Spain Lladro Figurine 1267 Girl With Ducks, No Box - Excellent Lladro Spain 1267 Daisa Woman Duck Seller in the Cold Porcelain Figurine Vintage Lladro Figurine: 4895 Ducks, No/ Box LLADRO Shepherd Girl and Duck Goose Figurine Elegant Graceful Luxury Spain Japan Lladro Shepherdess with Ducks #4568 Lady Woman Figurine No Box No Damage Auth. Lladro Figurine #4553 - "Little Duck" Issued 1969, Retired - No Orig Box LLADRO DUTCH GIRL W/ DUCK PORCELIN FIGURINE 5066 (RETIRED) EXCELLENT CONDITION! Lladro NAO Daisa Girl Holding Duck Or Goose Figure Vintage Lladro Geese/Duck Porcelain Figurines Retired Small Set Of 2 Lladro #42 6759 Figurine Chatting Ducks Lladro #65 Snails Ducks Lladro #84 Duck Family LLADRO DUTCH GIRL HOLDING DUCK 5066 - NO BOX lladro figurine - ducks or swans Lladro 4552 4553 Little Ducks Vintage 1982 Nao by Lladro Two Ducks Cuddling Retired Figurine Handmade In Spain