Who is Lladro? Vicente Lladro has been noted for creating many different artistic pieces that could be placed in the home to add a sense of unique artistic expression and design. Each piece has been carefully handcrafted by this mastermind in order to create an overall theme that could be used to assume a certain type of decoration throughout a particular room. These pieces included tiles and other works of arts. As more people were introduced to the Lladro design, it quickly caught on as a very popular trend. The Lladro products came into such high demand that stores were created in order to mass produce the products. The Lladro BathroomIf you are interested in transforming your basic bathroom into a Lladro bathroom, the first thing that you want to do is decide what type of theme you want in the bathroom. While there are many different artistic designs, the two most common for this room are the "Odyssea", and the "Nautilus". The "Odyssea" Lladro bathroom design is one that reflects black china porcelain. There are many types of fittings and tiles that can be used in this bathroom design. You can also find bathroom accessories such as soap dishes, tumblers for toothbrushes, shelves, towel rails, and similar items. If you elect to transform your bathroom into the "Nautilus" Lladro bathroom design, you can expect a seascape theme, or "nautical" theme.

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