Do you want to know more about Lladro Porcelains ? either for your collection or as part of your home? You can visit and see the vast array of porcelain figurines in their collection vault. Lladro porcelain figurines portray human traits and values that inspire respect and praise. Some figurines characterize natural humility. Others depict bravery and courage in the midst of frailty. Still others celebrate our collective spirit of creativity. Collectors of these figurines are devoted to them largely because they easily identify with the purity of heart the figurines illustrate. A Timeless Beauty In PorcelainCreated with soft colors inspired by earth tones with each one painted by hand, figurines from the Lladro collections instantly seduce owners and collectors with their timeless beauty. One of the reasons these figurines are adored by so many is because of their consistency in portraying the best qualities of the human spirit. These qualities resonate within collectors. From the simplicity of friendship to the joys of love to the calmness of spirituality, these porcelain treasures capture simple human values that people of all ages can appreciate. Value Placed On RarityEach year, the Lladro family business produces new and original porcelain figurine collections.

Lladro 1195, Eskimo Boy Playing with Polar Cub, Porcelain Sculpture, 4.75," Mint Lladro Figurine PENSIVE ESKIMO BOY #2159 Retired Lladro “Eskimo Boy with Pet" Polar Bear Figurine #5238 Retired Mint LLADRO "Eskimo Boy with Pet" Polar Bear Lladro “Eskimo Boy with Pet" Polar Bear Figurine #5238 Retired Vintage Retired Lladro Porcelain Figurine #5238 "Eskimo Boy With Pet" Polar Bear Adorable Lladro Porcelain Figurine Of Eskimo Boy with Pet # 5238 Lladro 2232 Poor Little Bear, Eskimo Boy Gres! Mint! Original Grey Box! [email protected]@K! Lladro Retired  ESKIMO BOY WITH PET BEAR  lladro eskimo boy with bear; new in original box Lladro 5238 Eskimo Boy w/ Pet Polar Bear Glossy Figurine! LLADRO ESKIMO COUPLE FROM THE ARCTIC BOY & GIRL 2038 FIGURINE 13 1/2" Lladro #2007 - Retired Inuit Boy Resting Figurine or Sculpture Eskimo 10" Mint! Large Lladro "Eskimo Boy With Polar Bear Cub" Multicolor Figurine #2097 LLADRO ESKIMO COUPLE FROM THE ARCTIC BOY & GIRL 2038 FIGURINE 13 1/2" MINT COND! LLADRO ESKIMO BOY INUIT WITH PET POLAR BEAR FIGURINE #5238 BOX VELENCIA SPAIN Lladro Porcelaine figurine. Figurine ESKIMO WITH POLAR BEAR Style L1195G Vintage Lladro Gres Ninos del Artico Eskimo Boy and Girl Figurine 13-3/4 Inches Lladro # 2038 "Couple For The Artic" Eskimo girl & Boy Gres Finish (13 by 7 by 6 Retired Authentic Lladro Figurine 5238 Eskimo Boy with Pet Polar Bear MINT Inuit Vintage Lladro Box For "ESKIMO BOY AND GIRL" #2038.3 With Hey Filling - BOX ONLY 13.5" LLADRO GRES FINISH FIGURINE ESKIMO COUPLE ARCTIC siblings Retired design Lladro Eskimo Boy & Eskimo Girl Ceramic Figures (10.25" boy & 11.5" girl) Lladro Eskimo Boy & Girl Large Size 10" & 12" Vintage Lladro Pensive Eskimo Boy 2159 and Girl 2158 Figurines Gres Finish LLADRO Porcelain Eskimo Boy with Polar Bear Cub # 1195 Matte Finish ESKIMO BOY LLADRO - Large Size 30cm Item# 01012007.3 LLADRO ESKIMO BOY & GIRL 12007 12008 GRES FIGURINE NAPPING SLEEPIN LLADRO FIGURINE #1195 ESKIMO PLAYING BOY CHILD WITH POLAR BEAR Retired Lladro GRES NINOS DEL ARTICO ESKIMO BOY & GIRL SCULPTURE FIGURINE VINTAGE Lladro Gres Figurine Large Eskimo Boy & Polar Bear #2097 Spain Retired LLADRO Eskimo Inuit Couple From The Arctic Boy & Girl 2038 FIGURINE LLADRO "Eskimo Boy with Pet" Polar Bear #5238 Retired EUC Inuit Interest Lladro Nao Daisa Spain porcelain statue sculpture Arctic boy girl Eskimo Inuit Lladro INUIT ESKIMO BOY – 10 1/4” Tall, Gres Glaze, Vintage & Retired Lladro Figurine Eskimo Boy Child Playing With Polar Bear Cub #1195 Retired Mint Lladro Pensive Eskimo Figurines Pensive Boy and Girl Pair #2158, #2159 Mint LLADRO Spain Eskimo Napping Girl 2008 and Napping Boy 2007 Gres Retired Pair Lladro Gres Figurine Pensive Eskimo Boy Retired STUNNING LLADRO #12007 LARGE ESKIMO INUIT BOY SLEEPING-GRES -EXCELLENT/MINT Vintage Lladro Eskimo Boy with Polar Bear Cub 2097 Figurine Sculpture Lladro Pensive Eskimo Boy 2159 and Girl 2158 Figurines Gres Finish