If you purchase these figurines from an auction website or from a private party, make sure that the figurines are authentic. Each one that is created by the Lladro company includes a logo on the base. You can find the true logos on Lladro. com to compare your sculpture for authenticity. Collecting the hand sculpted Lladro porcelain figurines is an exciting hobby that you can pursue on your own or share with someone you love. Over time, you'll treasure these figurines for their individuality, emotion and ability to inspire. Lladro Figurines are one of the most sought after porcelain pieces in the world because of their highly intrinsic and detailed designs. If there are individuals who are fond of collecting classic cars, postage stamps or rare paintings, there are also some who collect and pay handsomely for these Lladro Figurines, which may be considered as the Rolls Royce or the Picasso of fine porcelain decors. Lladro Figurines emanated way back in , when Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro made their first pieces in a Moorish furnace in their home in Alm�ssera Valencia in Spain. With this they managed to fuse their artistic values with their work in a tile and crockery factory. For some reason, their creations had attracted a number of followers because of their unique character and brilliance.

CASADES CLOWN FIGURINE HOLDING GUITAR SMELLING FLOWER PLUS 2 OTHER CLOWN FIGURES Lladro Porcelain Clown Head Jester Figure With Wood stand 12" G21F Lladro Clown & Ballerina Figure # 4882 Made in Spain (10.5 by 6 by 3.5") LLADRO Clown Figure Lladro Porcelain CLOWN Figure "LITTLE TRAVELLER" #7602 Original Box VINTAGE LLADRO FIGURE SURPRISE Juan Huerta #5901 Clown with Puppies under Coat LLADRO RETIRED #5129 SAD JESTER CLOWN HEAD BUST FIGURE 12” Nao Lladro Clown Dog Porcelain Figure LLADRO Gres Figurine / Figure "SAD SAX" #2327 Sad Clown with Saxophone 9 1/4" LLADRO Glazed Figurine Figure "WELCOME TO THE CIRCUS" #8045 Girl Clown 11' T LLADRO Figurine Figure "CIRCUS DAYS" #6916 Clown with Tie & Bird on His Shoe LLADRO Figurine Figure MUSIC FOR A DREAM #6900 Clown with Fiddle, Girl & Dog Lladro Music For A Dream Figure #6900 Original Box Clown Playing Violin Retired Lladro Clown With Ball Porcelain Figure #4618 Gloss Finish Retired With Box MINT Lladro Nao Boy Clown Figure Daisa 1988 Spain 8" Retired 1985 LLADRO / DAISA Pierrot CLOWN with Puppy DOG Porcelain Figure #05277 LLADRO 1996 FIGURE 06259 "PIERROT REHEARSING" Clown MINT with Box Retired LLADRO 1996 FIGURE 06257 "PIERROT IN PREPARATION" Clown MINT with Box Retired Lladro Porcelain - Clown - Makes You Feel Happy - With Dancing Dog - Figure Lladro #6916 Circus Days Clown Figure 9 1/2" Height NAO BY LLADRO CLOWN FIGURE Nao LLADRO Clown w Dog Statue Figure Collectible Made in Spain New in Box VINTAGE Retired-LLADRO-Spain-Large Porcelain-Clown lying Down Figure Lladro "Pierrot in Preparation" #6257 Figure ~ Clown Holding Mirror ~ Mint W/box Lladro # 6245 Destination Big Top Mint w/ Box Figure Retired Rare Clown Vintage 1987 Lladro Nao Daisa Sad Clown w/ Saxophone Porcelain Figure 9" #5471 CLOWN figure LITTLE TRAVELLER #07602 NEW IN BOX porcelain 9" tall LLADRO SPAIN