You'll get a lot more inside news when you belong to either membership, but the gold membership is something to really think about joining. If you are looking for a special gift to get your loved one or even yourself, you definitely cannot go wrong buying a Lladro. Just as an example, let's say that your spouse is having a birthday in a couple of weeks. You feel that they have everything, so you question yourself on what to buy. After going to your department store's china and glass department, you come across a small porcelain clown that is a snowman with a little girl cleaning its face. This one is called Winter Whimsey. Then you see another one that is a ballerina. This one is called Rose Ballet. Or, a girl with windswept hair, tiny flowers that she is holding and a small bird perching beside her. This one is called Summer Serenade. And, so many others that are known as classic Lladro.

ZAPHIR GIRL IN NIGHTGOWN HOLDING BASKET WITH SWEETS LLADRO STYLE FIGURINE SPAIN Lladro Spain Young Girl with Candle Porcelain Figurine #4868 Vintage 1986 Lladro "Eskimo Riders" Inuit Children on a Polar Bear #5353 Spain Vintage Lladro Girl With Lilies “Nina Calas” 4650 Girl Holding Flowers Vintage Lladro Porcelain Figurine Phyllis Ballerina Retired Spanish Handmade LLADRO 6977 A NEW TREASURE GIRL Figurine Original Box + Papers LLADRO 6915 For A Special Someone Figurine Girl w/Flowers Original Box + Papers Vintage Lladro Porcelain Figurine Heather Ballerina Retired Spanish Handmade Lladro Porcelain Figurine Wild Flower Girl Pulling Basket of Flowers #5030, 11” Lladro Caressing a Little Calf 4827 LLadro model # 05221 'Linda Con Cesta' retired piece from 1983 Lladro The Cart Girl Pulling Wagon With Child And Dog 1245 Lladro Ten and Growing Boy Girl On Bench 1995 Club 7635 Lladro Summer Stroll Club 1991 Woman With Parasol And Bird 7611 LLADRO #5475 " A LESSON SHARED " GIRL READING TO PUPPY-Pristine w/ box Lladro Picture Perfect Lady Parasol And Puppy 1991 Club Issue 7612 Lladro Pick Of The Litter Girl With Puppy Dogs 7621 Lladro Pekingese Dog Sitting 4641 Figurine Lladro Now And Forever 1995 Collector Club Anniversary Issue 7642 Lladro Neglected Clown Shelf Sitter 1503 RARE Figurine Lladro Naptime Girl Sleeping In Rocking Chair 5448 Lladro Little Riders Boy Cat Skateboard 1994 Store Event Figurine 7623 Lladro It Wasn't Me Dog With Flower Pot 1998 Club 7672 Figurine Lladro I Love You Truly Wedding Couple 1528 Bride Groom Lladro Figurine 5221 Sweet Girl with Flowers - Pristine Condition w/ box Lladro Horned Owl Figurine 5420 Perched On Branch Lladro Gymnast Girl With Ball 5333 Lladro Good Bear Sitting Figurine 1205 Lladro Girl With Doll In Toy Wagon Figurine 5044 Lladro Generous Gesture 6399 Girl Dove And Flowers Lladro Garden Classic Lady Walking Dog 1991 Event 7617 Lladro For A Perfect Performance Ballerina Figurine 7641 Lladro Dreaming Of You 6315 Young Lady Sitting On Chair Lladro Porcelain Figurine # 4635 Angel Daisa with Baby 7" Height Retired & Vtg Lladro Destination Big Top Figurine 6245 Circus Clown With Dog LLADRO #5117 "PROUD MATADOR" A YOUNG MATADOR BOY WHO IS PROUD OF HIMSELF 9.75”  Lladro Best Friend Girl Holding Teddy Bear 1993 Club Figurine 7620 Lladro Bear Seated Figurine 1206 Lladro Beagle Puppy Sitting 1071 Figurine Vintage Lladro Beagle Puppy Lying 1072 Figurine Vintage Lladro Basket Of Love 1994 Club Figurine Lady With Flowers 7622 Lladro Autumn School Girl With Doll Fall Leaves 5218 Figurine