Lladro ducks are used for symbolic, decorative, collection purposes or depending on the whims and fancies of the owners. Most people buy the porcelain figurines for their collections. Collection of Lladro ducks is a truly poignant experience and is far detached from monetary value of the collectible figurines. It is a leap towards eternalizing recollection of figurines once owned and commemorating the old and good timesCollecting Lladro figurines as a hobby is captivating and motivating as well as very satisfying. They can also be used as ideal gifts for friends and acquaintances especially during holidays and as memorabilia or keepsakes. When gifted, animal figurines also touch a sensitive nerve, especially if the receiver is a pet lover or a collector. Lladro figurine collectors like collectors of most other things, could never have enough. Many animal figurines have been sighted to be enticing and seem to beg you to take them home with you. If you are a regular traveler and an animal lover, it could be very difficult to keep you away. Especially from Lladro ducks. The alluring and addicting hobby of collecting porcelain figurines may give you a lot of joy and satisfaction.

Lladro Girl bathing her dog #5455 Lladro Spain Figurine Clown Pierrot with CONCERTINA Dog Puppy on Die 5279 Statue LLADRO Girl Sitting in Chair With Flower Basket and Dog EXC! Lladro Figurine # 6556, Safe and Sound, Retired, Mint! Lladro "Boy With Dog" Lladro 7" "Little Friskies" Figurine # 5032 Girl w/ Cat & Puppy Dog 1980 Lladro Spain 1979 Figurine 4910 Girl w/ Lantern & Puppy Dog Retired 1990 Lladro - "Surf's Up" Porcelain Figure Boy with Surfboard and Dog at Beach Lladro Society Figurine A FRIEND FOR LIFE LITTLE PUPPY DOG 7685 Retired NAO Lladro #0161 Boy Fighting the Dog Matte Finish 9.5 in. Vincente Martinez ret Lladro Figurine "THE SNOWMAN" Children & Dog Christmas Winter #5713 Retired Mint Box of 8 Lladro NAO Spain Miniature Dog Figurines Bulldog Dachshund Terriers + Lladro Little Friskies 5032 Girl Holding Cat and Dalmatian Puppy Dog Figurine LLADRO Teasing The Dog #5078 Retired 10.25” IN PERFECT CONDITION RARE PIECE HERE lladro figurines collectibles - 6903 A Warm Welcome,  girl and her dog Vintage LLADRO 5220 WINTER CHILD BOY W/ DOG PORCELAIN FIGURINE MINT CONDITION lladro boy with dog LLadro #1071 Beagle Sad Puppy Dog Porcelain Figurine Statue box Perro Lastimero Lladro 1070 Beagle Playful Puppy Figurine with box Perro retozon NAO By LLADRO 1046 'TWO PUPS" Porcelain Dog Figurine Retired Lladro This One's Mine # 5376 Porcelain Figurine Boy w/ Mother Dog and Puppies Lladro NAO "Hello Mommy" boy/phone/ teddy/dog; made in Spain retired 1987 Lladro' 5761 "Out for a Romp" Girl with Dogs Porcelain Figurine Flawed Finger Lladro Brown Spotted Great Dane (Large) Dog Figurine - Mint Lladro Girl with dog in perfect condition- comes with box Vintage Porcelain Figurine of a Girl Or Shepherdess With a Dog Lladro, Spain Lladro Brillo # 7.609- Perrito Convaleciente figurine, boy with dog ,OB ORIGINAL LLADRO 4641, SITTING PEKINGESE DOG, Designed by Salvador Furio, 1970-85 RARE NAO By Lladro SCOTTISH TERRIER/FIDO Dog DARLING LLADRO 6714 "A CHRISTMAS DUET" BOY WITH DOG FIGURINE Lladro Collector Society 7609 My buddy Boy with dog puppy with box Vintage Lladro Figurine: 5921 TAKE YOUR MEDIINE No/ Box Vintage Rare Lladro Spotted Great Dane Figurine Hand Made In Spain Pair of NAO by Lladro Boy & Girl with dogs Figurines VGUC Lladro Figurine PIERROT WITH PUPPY AND BALL CLOWN BOY DOG #5278 Retired Mint Huge Lladro Porcelain Gazelle Buck Hunters Dogs Hounds Limited Edition #1238 Lladro 5220 “Winter Boy With Dog And Umbrella" Used Lladro Dog Figurines LLADRO "Surprise" Retired Clown Figurine #5901 Jon Huerta Dogs Puppies MINT COND LLADRO SLEIGH RIDE #5037 DOG CHILDREN Lladro Spain 7 3/4" "Winter" #5220 Boy w/ Dog & Umbrella 1984 Lladro NAO Daisa Girl w Hoop & Dog Figurine "My Dog Does Tricks" 1983 Spain NR