If you purchase these figurines from an auction website or from a private party, make sure that the figurines are authentic. Each one that is created by the Lladro company includes a logo on the base. You can find the true logos on Lladro. com to compare your sculpture for authenticity. Collecting the hand sculpted Lladro porcelain figurines is an exciting hobby that you can pursue on your own or share with someone you love. Over time, you'll treasure these figurines for their individuality, emotion and ability to inspire. Lladro Figurines are one of the most sought after porcelain pieces in the world because of their highly intrinsic and detailed designs. If there are individuals who are fond of collecting classic cars, postage stamps or rare paintings, there are also some who collect and pay handsomely for these Lladro Figurines, which may be considered as the Rolls Royce or the Picasso of fine porcelain decors. Lladro Figurines emanated way back in , when Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro made their first pieces in a Moorish furnace in their home in Alm�ssera Valencia in Spain. With this they managed to fuse their artistic values with their work in a tile and crockery factory. For some reason, their creations had attracted a number of followers because of their unique character and brilliance.

LLADRO-SET of 3 GEESE FIGURINES-#4551 / #4552 / #4553-Retired-MINT CONDITION Lladro Poodle with Puppies 1974 Retired Lladro Porcelain Figurine Keep Me Warm Eskimo Girl Holding Puppy Retired #12419 Lladro Madonna Girl with Flowers Figurine handmade in Spain . Daisa 1977 #4972 Lladro ~ Gymnast Balancing Ball ~ #5332 ~ RARE ~ Spanish Porcelain ~ Retired Lladro #1416 Budding Blossoms Lladro Hand Signed Dated 1987 w/ Box Retired RARE Retired 1991 Nao Lladro Spain Woman in Hat Holding Flower “VERY RARE “ lladro figurines retired Lladro White Swan Porcelain Figurine Retired #6175 Collectible Vintage Zaphir RETIRED 1982 Country Woman Figurine #643G Spain a Lladro Company Lladro Boy With Yacht Retired Sailor Figurine Porcelain Vintage 4810 Excellent Lladro Boy With Puppy Figurine 6013 "TUESDAY'S CHILD" NO Box / Retired 1997 Lladro Girl Playing Violin Figurine 6243 "SWEET SYMPHONY" w/Box / Retired 2004 Lladro Figurine 14" Nurse 1977 (Retired) - Gloss Finish Vintage Lladro Figurine #5208 “Professor" Retired 1989 Perfect Lladro Boy Bottle Feeding Lamb Figurine 4834 "SHEPHERD" NO Box / Retired 1981 LLADRO COCKEREL / ROOSTER 9” TALL PORCELAIN FIGURINE # 4587 RETIRED 1979 MINT Lladro Matte Figurine 4651 "CELLIST" NO Box / Retired 1978 Lladro Musician Figurine 5929 "JAZZ DRUMS" NO Box / Retired 2018 Nao By Lladro DOG Figurine 375G "BASSET HOUND SITTING" NO Box / Retired 2004 Lladro BALLERINA Figurine 4855 "DEATH OF A SWAN" NO Box / Retired 1991 Lladro Figurine "FIESTA DANCER" NO Box / Retired 1998 Lladro Girl With Bonnet Hat On Stool #1147 Retired Lladro Evita Lady With Parasol #5212 Retired Lladro STORK WITH BABY Figurine 6228 "SPECIAL GIFT" NO Box / Retired 2001 Lladro WOMAN WITH BOUQUET Figurine 5738 "SPRING BREEZE" NO Box / Retired 1993 Lladro Figurine 5838 "ON THE MOVE" NO Box / Retired 1998 Vintage Lladro Figurine "Budding Blossoms" #1416 Retired Gorgeous! Lladro BOY WITH DOG Figurine 5738 "BEST FOOT FORWARD" NO Box / Retired 1994 Lladro GIRL WITH KITTENS Figurine 5443 "BEDTIME" NO Box / Retired 1991 Vintage Lladro Figurine "Gretel" Dutch Girl #5064 Retired RARE & HTF!! Vintage Lladro Figurine "Shelley" Pink Ballerina #1357 Retired PRECIOUS! LLADRO "BLESSED FAMILY" #1499 FIGURINE JOSEPH, MARY & BABY JESUS RETIRED~SIGNED VINTAGE LLADRO BEAGLE PUPPY "LITTLE HUNTER" #6210 RETIRED PORCELAIN FIGURINE NR Lladro Spain Porcelain Figurine Evita 5212 Girl W/ Umbrella Parasol Retired NICE LLADRO #5491 RETIRED MINT 5491 Angel Niño con Bandolina w/box Lladro Figurine #5033 Avoiding The Goose Glazed -retired in 1993 9.75 H x 7 L  LLADRO 2020 Little Eagle Owl Figurine by Antonio Ballester Retired Earth Tone Glossy Lladro Pocelain Figurine "Boy with Dog" 8” #4522 Retired No Box. Lladro Figurine #2060 Franciscan Monk, Matte Finish Retired- 13.5" tall Retired Lladro 5648 Courtney Girl with Flower Hat Porcelain Glossy Figurine 8" Lladro Figurine #5034 Goose Trying To Eat Grapes Girl - RETIRED