From the simplicity of friendship to the joys of love to the calmness of spirituality, these porcelain treasures capture simple human values that people of all ages can appreciate. Value Placed On RarityEach year, the Lladro family business produces new and original porcelain figurine collections. However, past collections of their figurines are often produced in limited numbers and then discontinued shortly following their release. Each time these figurine collections are removed from the normal channels of distribution making room for newer collections, a collectors' market is created. Because specific collections of these figurines are created in such limited quantity, they are often difficult to find and even more difficult to acquire. This rarity causes collectors to assign a premium value to certain collections. You can often find Lladro porcelain figurines being traded or bought and sold in online auction websites such as eBay. com for amounts that vary widely from the figurines' original prices. Handing The Figurines DownWhile some collectors relish the opportunity to trade or sell their Lladro figurines, others collect them in order to hand them down throughout the generations. Many of the figurines personify emotions felt within families, strengthening the bonds between the members of those families. Others embody important qualities or values that play a key role in the development of some families during the years.

Lladro “Spring” Girl w/ Flowers Bird Porcelain Figurine glossy (PV С 2) Lladro Girl Gathering Flowers (#1172, with box) Lladro Madonna Girl with Flowers Figurine handmade in Spain . Daisa 1977 #4972 Lladro Pretty Pickings 5222 Girl with Flower Basket Figurine 7" Retired 1991 Nao Lladro Spain Woman in Hat Holding Flower “VERY RARE “ LLadro Nao Figurine Ballerina sitting with Flower 1983 "Dream Come True" LLADRO Rabbit Eating Flowers #4773 Porcelain Figurine Spain Pre-owned LLADRO SITTING GIRL WITH FLOWER #4596 *** FREE SHIPPING *** Lladro White Bisque Figurine 6854 "BEAUTY IN BLOOM" NO Box / Sold Out In 2004 PRETTY PICKINGS - FEMALE GIRL WITH FLOWERS FIGURINE BY LLADRO Vintage Lladro Figurine "Spring" #5217 Girl W/Flowers Bird & Water Can Darling! Rare Lladro 5244 BEST WISHES Gloss Finish Retired Lladro vase 4691 Sparrows on Tree Branches with Blue Leaves Flowers 1983 LLADRO Pretty Pickings #5222 Girl with Flower Basket Porcelain Figurine Lladro? Girl with books & candles" Glossy 9 Vintage Porcelain Figurine Student Retired Lladro 5648 Courtney Girl with Flower Hat Porcelain Glossy Figurine 8" NAO Lladro Figurine #1005 "The School Girl" Holding Flowers in Her Skirt. lladro Figurine “Spring Bouquet” 7603 1987 Girl with 2 Flower Bouquets No Box Lladro Figurine #7622 Basket of Love - Young Woman with Basket of Flowers VINTAGE LLADRO ILLUSION MERMAID FIGURINE #1413 RETIRED PEARL FLOWER CROWN/STAND Lladro GOLFER 01004824 Lladro PRETTY INNOCENCE (SPECIAL EDITION) 01008733 Lladro Christmas King Gaspar, Nativity Figurine 01005480 Lladro Christmas KING MELCHIOR 01005479 Lladro Boy and Girl Flowers 01005555 LET'S MAKE UP Lladro Penguin Love Figurine 01008414 Lladro 5” White Porcelain “Sitting Bunny” Rabbit With Flowers. Mint Condition!  lladro Pink bell 1996 no.285 lladro duck + ducklings #4895 bell w/flower Lladro The Guest Little-purple on yellow Figurine. Small Model 01007746 Lladro Blessed Virgin Mary Figurine 01008642 Lladro Heavenly Stars Angel Figurine 01006924 Lladro Traveling Companions Woman Figurine 01006753 Lladro Girl flowers YOU DESERVE THE BEST (GIRL)01008313 LLADRO "Dutch Women With Basket of Tulip Flowers" Figurine #4860 (Retired) LLADRO "May Flowers" #5467 Figurine (Retired) Mint Condition with Box! Rare! LLADRO "Flowers In The Basket" Figurine #5027 Girl in Pink Dress w/Hat Retired Lladro May Flowers Girl Figurine 01005467 Lladro Limited Edition "Flower Bedecked Bull" Ceramic Figurine #438/1000  Lladro Figurine #1449 “Mayumi” Japanese Girl Tending To Flowers W/box lladro figurines retired Parrot carrying Flowers in Wheelbarrol Rare Lladro 5027 Flowers In The Basket / Dress Flores al Canasto Figurine Girl Lladro Girl flowers YOU DESERVE THE BEST (GIRL)01008313