From the simplicity of friendship to the joys of love to the calmness of spirituality, these porcelain treasures capture simple human values that people of all ages can appreciate. Value Placed On RarityEach year, the Lladro family business produces new and original porcelain figurine collections. However, past collections of their figurines are often produced in limited numbers and then discontinued shortly following their release. Each time these figurine collections are removed from the normal channels of distribution making room for newer collections, a collectors' market is created. Because specific collections of these figurines are created in such limited quantity, they are often difficult to find and even more difficult to acquire. This rarity causes collectors to assign a premium value to certain collections. You can often find Lladro porcelain figurines being traded or bought and sold in online auction websites such as eBay. com for amounts that vary widely from the figurines' original prices. Handing The Figurines DownWhile some collectors relish the opportunity to trade or sell their Lladro figurines, others collect them in order to hand them down throughout the generations. Many of the figurines personify emotions felt within families, strengthening the bonds between the members of those families. Others embody important qualities or values that play a key role in the development of some families during the years.

Lladro Society Figurine “INNOCENCE IN BLOOM” GIRL WITH FLOWER BASKET 7644 w/ Box LLADRO Porcelain Figurine Bird On a Cactus AS IS FLOWERS BROKE OFF LLADRO FIGURINE POLLY PUSHING POSIES #6517 HOW SKILLFUL MINT SWEET 🦜 FLOWERS 💐 Lladro Flowers for Everyone Sculpture 01006809 Lladro "May Flowers" #12274, gres, mint Lladro "It Wasn't Me!" Spaniel Dog & Flower Pot Collectors Society #7672 1998 Lladro 1996 Pierrot Rehearsing #06259 Flower Petal RETIRED with Box MINT Vintage He loves me ?,  Lladro figure of young Girl Lladro Vintage Spring is Here Girl with Flower Pot 6 3/4" VINTAGE ORIGINAL LLADRO GIRL WITH FLOWERS #5071 W/ORIGINAL BOX ESTATE FIND Vintage LLADRO Girl with Flower Basket Figurine #6130 Retired Lladro #4840 Geisha Girl Kneeling to Decorate Flowers-Gloss finish- Lladro Flowers in the Basket Girl 5027 Figurine Spain Pink Vintage Lladro Figurine Girl with Bird & Flowers - Spring #5217 - NEW & BOXED LLADRO SPAIN PORCELAIN SPRING GARDEN GIRL 5217 FIGURINE 7.5”WBOX DAISA 1983 Rare Lladro Porcelain Bundle of Blossoms # 8151 Girl Flowers Retired 2008, NIB 1992 Lladro "Clown's Head Bowler-Hat" (Pensive Clown) - CHIPPED FLOWER Lladro Spain Porcelain Figurine 5449 Good Night lladro Nature’s Bounty Dutch Girl Carrying Flower Basket Figurine. Beautiful.  Lladro Fine Collectible “Sitting Girl With A Bouquet of Lillies” Glossy EUC Lladro Figurine 6462 LUCKY IN LOVE Porcelain Elephant with Flowers in box Vintage Lladro #7644 'innocence in Bloom' Figurine Mint in Box Lladro Our Lady with Flowers Figurine LLADRO #4840 Geisha Girl Kneeling to Decorate Arranging Flowers Lladro 7604 School Days 1988 Girl w/Satchel & Flowers Porcelain Figurine w Box LLADRO # 7672 "It Wasn't Me!" 1998 Collectors Society Puppy & Flower Pot Lladro Porcelain Figurine #4840 Japanese Geisha Flower Arranger Damaged Lladro Figurine A MILE OF STYLE 13-5/8" TALL CLOWN WITH FLOWER 6507 Retired Mint Lladro Flowers For A Goddess 7709 10.5" Mint in Original Box Lladro #5027 Flowers in a Basqet Retired LLADRO Figurine Sitting Girl with Lilies #4972 Retired Lladro Polar Bear Seated With Flowers LLADRO #6875 BUTTERFLY WINGS, See Pic For Damage lladro daisa 1983 Porcelain Figurine Girl Holding Flower Pot Lady with Basket Of Flowers Porcelain Figurine Lladro "Pretty Pickings" #05222 Figurine Lladro 5221 "Sweet Scent Girl Basket Flowers Vintage Spain Perfect Condi Lladro Interior Goods Wht 01008021 Nice Flowers Height 21 Width Depth Lladro White Rabbit With Flower Decorations Interior Goods Pottery Lladro Interior Goods Beautiful Flowers Only 05222 Girl Figurines Objects  lladro Pink bell 1996 no.285 lladro duck + ducklings #4895 bell w/flower LLADRO FIGURINE "MAY FLOWERS" #5467 NEW CONDITION WITH ORIGINAL BOX