More valuable limited editions, where the total of pieces to be made is produced in a limited number with a specific date of issue. The certificate issued with the piece confirms that it is part of a limited edition. The third option is a numbered series piece which is available from an issue date to a retirement date, but numbered and comes with a numbered certificate. These figurines are part of a set run of production and once these designs have been sold that particular item is not made again. The value of these Llado restricted production series are, of course, greatly increased due to this 'strawberry effect' the calculated Lladro-Donkey.php">scarcity that these limited items are a, one and only, opportunity. Lladro figurine authenticity is easy to verify as the bottom of the figurine should have one of the Lladro logotypes printed on it which will confirm that this is a genuine Lladro piece. Illustrations of these logotypes can be found in the Lladro figurine catalogue. In the mid 's in Almacera near the city of Valencia, on Spain's Eastern Mediterranean coast, a small family workshop was born Lladro pottery and figurines. Three brothers Juan, Jos and Vicente decided to dedicate their free time to making ceramics as a means of improving their prospects for the future. As a first step, brothers Juan, Jos and Vicente enrolled in the Valencia School of Arts and Crafts. They studied drawing and painting, while the youngest brother, Vicente, took up sculpture.

VINTAGE 1982 LLADRO NAO DAISA GIRL WITH BASKET OF TREATS RETIRED FIGURINE SPAIN LLADRO SLEEPY KITTEN #5712 PORCELAIN FIGURINE GIRL With SLEEPING CAT Lladro Figurine 1187 Little Girl with Cat, Mint, Retired 1990- MATTE FINISH Vintage Large NAO by Lladro Porcelain Figurine REPOSE GIRL WITH CAT ON KNEE Lladro 7611 "Summer Stroll" Girl With Cat & Umbrella. Lladro Porcelain Figurine CAT NAP # 5640 Girl With Kitten and Dog Norleans Japan Girl with Cat & Bucket Figurine – looks like Lladro Matte Lladro "Little Sister" Girls In Gowns Napping With Cat #1534 Retired SPAIN Lladro 8” Girl With Cats Figurine Don't Forget Me #5743 With Box Lladro Bedtime Girl Cleaning Clock with Cat Gloss Finish Figurine 5347 Lladro Figurine LITTLE FRISKIES GIRL WITH CAT AND PUPPY DOG #5032 Retired Mint Girl With Kitten figurine “How You’ve Grown!”: Lladro 5474 (retired) Vtg Lladro Don't Forget Me Figurine 57-43 Girl with Kittens Cats LLADRO LITTLE FRISKIES GIRL WITH CAT DALMATIAN DOG PUPPY #5032 JUAN HUERTA BOX Summer Stroll Girl With Bird and Cat Lladro Figurine #7611 Lladro "Mother's Little Helper" #6102 Little Girl with Basket Full of Kittens LLadro Figure #1187 - "Little Girl With Cat" - Matte Finish LLADRO LITTLE GIRL WITH CAT PORCELAIN FIGURINE #1187 VALENCIA SPAIN JUAN HUERTA Lladro SUMMER STROLL GIRL WITH CAT DOVE UMBRELLA #7611 Lladro 7611 "Summer Stroll" Girl With Cat & Umbrella. Lladro Figurine, Repose, Gres Girl with Cat (2169) RETIRED 8.2" No Box Lladro 2266 "Little Friskies" Girl With Cat & Dog Mint In Original Box!! Lladro 7611 "Summer Stroll" Girl With Cat & Umbrella Mint Condition Lladro Girl with Dog and Cat Little Friskies Glossy RETIRED 1978 Preowned Lladro 8023 Room for Three RETIRED! Mint! Original Grey Box! [email protected]@K! Rare! Lladro Kittens Gathering Girl with Cats 2003 Events Creation #6941 LLADRO "Following Her Cats" #1309 Young Girl Holding Kittens w/ Cat Retired Lladro Figurine, Repose, Gres Girl with Cat (2169) 8.2" No Box LLADRO PORCELAIN FIGURINE # 5032 "LITTLE FRISKIES"- GIRL WITH CAT & DOG LOVELY LLADRO #1534 " LITTLE SISTER " WITH A CAT ON HER LAP-EXCELLENT/MINT Vintage LLADRO "Nina Con Gato" Girl With Cat Black Legacy #5.603 Porcelain Spain Lladro Porcelain "Following Her Cats" Figurine #1309 Girl with 4 Kittens 1977 LLADRO FOLLOWING HER CATS PORCELAIN FIGURINE GIRL WITH KITTENS 1309 Vintage Retired Lladro Figurine #1187. Girl With Cat. Rare Matte w/ Original Box Lladro 1005032 "LITTLE FRISKIES" Girl with Cat and Dog Retired. Mint Condition. Lladro Girl with Cats ****Beautiful*** Lladro Figurine 5640 "Cat Nap" Mint, Girl with Puppy & Sleeping Cat (H) Lladro Figurine 5640 "Cat Nap" Mint, Girl with Puppy & Sleeping Cat (G) LLADRO FIGURINE#1187 GIRL WITH CAT / GLOSS FINISH / 9"HX4"W / WITH ORIGINAL BOX lladro figurine "Little Friskies" # 5032 Girl with Cat and Dog Lladro Spain Porcelain Figurine 1180 Girl With Cat Lladro-Little Girl With Cat...#1187/Retired...Juan Huerta...sadly, no box