After which, the sketch, in clay, is reproduced in plaster to provide the first mold, which will then become the final mold for the porcelain figurine. To date, there are already a number of collections of Lladro Figurines in the company's historic catalogue, namely the Limited Editions, the High Porcelain, the Privilege Gold, the Lladro Collector's Society and the Lladro Privilege. With all the mass production that has been going on, the company has even decided to imprint a one of a kind logo on all their figurines. Beside "Porcelanas Lladr�", sculptors affix a Greek master piece, the Victory of Samotracia, therefore associating their surname to the principle of classical art. This makes Lladro Figurines a thing of beauty and a true epitome of miniature elegance. I often surf the net and go to specialty shops to search for exquisite authentic porcelain figurines for my collection. It was tough until I discovered Lladro figurines . Lladro ducks are basically replica statues or statuettes of ducks that can be made using porcelain and a host of other molding materials. Lladro ducks are used for symbolic, decorative, collection purposes or depending on the whims and fancies of the owners. Most people buy the porcelain figurines for their collections. Collection of Lladro ducks is a truly poignant experience and is far detached from monetary value of the collectible figurines.

Lladro Figurine "LAZY DAY" #2210 Retired 2013 Gres Finish Mint w/original box MINT Lladro Gres Finish Mountain Shepherd Original Box w/ documentation Lladro 16" Maria Mater Holy Mother 12365 Porcelain Figurine Lladro Jealous Friend #2187 (12 3/4" Tall) Retired, Rare Piece LLADRO GRES PACIFIC JEWEL FIGURINE WITH ORIGINAL BOX LLADRO GRES TROPICAL FLOWER FIGURINE WITH ORIGINAL BOX SALE - WAS $245 Lladro DESIREE Island Native Girl GRES FINISH!! Vtg Large NAO by Lladro Gres Porcelain Sculpture Figurine - DAILY CHORES - 17" LLADRO 12421 Snugle Bunny Gres! Original Grey Box! Mint Condition! [email protected]@K! Lladro Gres - Resting Gazelle - Porcelain Figurine By F. Garcia Lladro 12200 A Gig Hug Mint Condition! Gres Finish! No Box! Hard to Find! Lladro Joyful Event Nativity Figurine. Gres 01012293 Lladro Whispers from The Sea Woman Figurine. Gres 01012549 Lladro 6 3/4" Pensive Eskimo Girl Figure # 2158 Gres Inuit Artic Collection 1985 Rare LLADRO "SISTERLY LOVE" Gres Figurine Retired #2206 Lladro #12141 Mexican Boy Pedro w Jug Gres Porcelain Figurine 1984 Original Box Lladro 2 Eskimo Children Riding a Polar Bear # 2270 Figurine Gres Made in Spain LLADRO HALVEST HELPERS 12178 Gres Figlin box t 116 Lladro Little Shepherd 12401 Gres Figurine with Box t 108 Lladro ISLAND BEAUTY 12382 Gres Figurine boxed t 110 Lladro MAGGIE 1751 Enrique Sanisidris Gres Figlin with Box t 113 Lladro SNOWY SUNDAY 12228 Gres Figlin Difficult t 117 Vintage Lladro Short Chinese GRES Monk Figurine Gray tones Lladro Lonely Statue Figurine Splits Bonnet Dress Braids Gres Finish 8.25" 1978 Lladro Inuit Arctic Girl Praying Gres Finish Eskimo 1985 Vintage 7.5” LLADRO # 2144 Leticia Young Girl With Jug Figurine Gres 1984 Vintage Lladro 2140 Pepita with Sombrero Gres Finish Girl Jug Roses 1984 Vintage Vtg Lladro #2141 Mexican Boy Pedro w Jug Gres Porcelain Figurine 1984 Sombrero Vtg Lladro Gres Matte Figurine "Monks", Brown, Porcelain LLADRO "THE OLD FISHING HOLE" - BOY WITH DOG LLADRO GRES TENDERNESS GIRL HOLDING RABBIT BUNNY FIGURINE Easter Gift #2094 LLADRO RARE UNDER THE RAIN. GRES. #2077. Retired in 1989. Mint condition. 10" Lladro 12275 St. Joseph Gres! IN BOX & Lladro 12456 Camel Gres IN BOX LLADRO Spain #2191 Gres FOREST BORN Mother & Fawn DEER Retired Jose Luis Alvarez Lladro 2232 Poor Little Bear, Eskimo Boy Gres! Mint! Original Grey Box! [email protected]@K! Lladro 2113 "My Little Ducklings" Gres Finish! RETIRED! Mint! Lladro 2098 “Girls Collecting Wheat" Farming Gres Figurine Box FREE USA SHIPPING RARE 2 ft Lladro Garden Breeze # 13583 Gres Ltd Ed w/ Base, Box, Signed READ LLADRO FIGURINE "GABRIELA GRES" NATIVE AMERICAN #2145 MATTE EXCELLENT CONDITION Lladro nativity donkey gres figure #12282 christmas matte mint Lladro Number 12405 "Midday" in Gres Finish Lladro Friends in Flight Angel with Bird Gres Finish Figurine 2215