These figurines are known for their ability to portray tender moments of life with perfect display of fine facial details. When you see these details along with smooth flow of grace and rich pastel shades in them, you will understand why they perfectly fit into a collector's dream. This fine glaze of Lladro figurines is often said to be their industry secret. In fact, this glaze makes them one of the magnificent treasures with collectors. It is because of detailed designs and intrinsic value; they have evolved as one of most sought after porcelain pieces in entire world. The immense value that these pieces carry can be easily gauged with a simple fact. People are ready to pay handsomely for them which might be said to be equivalent of paying for Rolls Royce cars or the Picasso of fine porcelain decor items. History records say Lladro Figurines came into picture way back in . It was during this time that three brothers, namely, Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro created a stir with their first master pieces in what is said to be Moorish furnace in their home that was located at Alm�ssera Valencia in Spain. With this, they succeeded in fusing their artistic values with their work in field of tile and crockery factory. Because of their unique character and brilliance, their creations succeeded in grabbing attraction of a number of followers.

LLADRO LARGE RETIRED FIGURINE #5130 “CLOWN'S HEAD BOWLER-HAT” (B) - MINT IN BOX Lladro “SENORITA” Bust Head Figurine #1014946 VINTAGE 2 "LLADRO" CERAMIC FIGURINES OF ANGEL HEADS NAO Lladro Goose/Duck with head turned, Made in Spain, 1978, 5"Tall LLADRO Hand Painted Gloss Porcelain Figurine #4552 Little Duck Head Up C5136 D2 RARE PP140 GIRL´S HEAD LLADRO Lladro 4884-Angel's Head No.1-Seraph Cherub wall mount bust-MINT-original Box Lladro 5248 Penguin with head turned to the left - Daisa 1984. Mint, No Box LLADRO YOUNG SPANISH MAJA GIRL HEAD STATUE FIGURINE 4668 12 1/2" Tall Vintage Lladro 1987 Bisque Porcelain Sculpture Womans Head Bust Retired Lladro Head Statue Maja Head 1969-85 by Juan Huerta #4668 *PERFECT/MINT* Lladro "MADONNA HEAD" Holy Mother, Virgin Mary bust - No Box Lladro vintage angel head 4886 #3.great gift of a collectible angel. FREE SHIP LLADRO 4649 MADONNA HEAD BUST HOLY MOTHER MARY RARE MATTE FINISH PERFECT LLADRO "CLOWN'S HEAD BOWLER-HAT" (PENSIVE CLOWN) #5130 FIGURINE Pair of 2 Lladro 4552 & 4553 Little Duck Goose Head Up & Preening Figurine Lladro 'PENSIVE CLOWN' #5130 Bust / Head Figurine Lladro Figurine #4552 Little Goose Head Up. Vintage Lladro "Girl's Head" Bust #4946 "Antillana" African Lady #406 NAO by Lladro 20-1/2" tall Fruit Basket on Head Lladro #12 10069773 head Lladro #15 Magic Light head Lladro #18 The Angel Blowing Whistle head Lladro #8 Christmas Tree head Lladro #19 15913 head Lladro #23 6903 head Butterflies Friends Lladro #25 Angel'S Thoughts Yeah Let'S Do That. head Lladro #24 A08770 head Lladro #44 Boy Clown head Lladro #41 4536 head Chinese Angel Lladro #46 Flowers Beautiful For Girls head Lladro #26 Bc-04540 head Lladro #65 Let'S Play Together. head Lladro #67 Spring Has Come. head Pottery Lladro #74 Lovely Prayer head Pottery Dolls Lladro #86 01863 head Angel Christmas Lladro #91 Moon Bed head Fantasy World Pottery Porcelain Art Lladro #76 The Lady Holding Puppy Pottery head Lladro #7 C-28N head Lladro #5 9118 head Lladro #17 Spring Shine head Lladro #27 Clown Dog Motifs 5278 head