These items may include the various vases offered by the Lladro Company, the D sculptures, and more. If you have always wanted a showcase bathroom, you may want to consider transforming your basic bathroom into a Lladro bathroom. With this type of bathroom, you can bring style, design, art, and class all in one shot! Your bathroom should be a place to unwind and get refreshed, so pamper yourself with a revitalizing update to this room. When you first look at Lladro, it might just take your breath away. The muted colors, the shiny gloss to each of them, the blue box and the trademark on the bottom of each piece are a signature for them. There is a huge collectors' club that you can join. Once you are a member, you will get the inside news of what will be coming out every year. Plus, if you are a member, you'll have access to members' only pieces. Anyone that loves their Lladro porcelain can join. You can also belong to their prestigious gold members club, if you want to. There is a small fee for members, but it covers two years' worth of membership.

Lladro It Wasn't Me Dog With Flower Pot 1998 Club 7672 Figurine Lladro Porcelain Figurine # 7672 It Wasn't Me Dog With Flower Pot - 1998 Lladro Figurine 7672 no box It Wasn't Me! Lladro Figurine 7672 no box It Wasn't Me! Lladro Porcelain Figurine # 7672 It Wasn't Me Dog With Flower Pot - 1998 Lladro Elegant Fine Formal Spainish Pottery Figurine Theme It Wasn't Me ... Lladro PUPPY Figurine 7672 "IT WASN'T ME!" With Original Box / Retired 2000 Lladro BOX FOR IT WASN’T ME! Dog with Flower Vase Vintage LLADRO “It Wasn’t Me!” Porcelain Figurine #7672 *Mint Condition* LLADRO #7672 IT WASN'T ME ~ PUPPY/ FLOWERS /DOG ~ RETIRED FREE SHIPPING Lladro Figurine #7672 "It Wasn't Me" Lladro “It Wasn’t Me” #7672 Adorable puppy w/overturned flower pot 1997-98 NICE! Lladro 7672 "It Wasn't Me" Lladro Society 1998 Porcelain Dog Figurine in Box Lladro Figurine #7672 "It Wasn't Me" Lladro It Wasn't Me Dog w/ Flowers And Flowerpot Figurine 7672 Original Box EUC Lladro “It Wasn’t Me!” #7672 Lladro "It Wasn't Me!" Spaniel Dog & Flower Pot Collectors Society #7672 1998 LLADRO - IT WASN'T ME - ADORABLE - NO BOX~ADORABLE POOCH~WOW! Lladro #7672 “It Wasn’t Me”. Dog With Turned Over Flower Pot Lladro Collector's Society 7672 It Wasn't Me! with Original Box LLADRO Collectors Series #7672 “It Wasn't Me” Dog/Spaniel Flowerpot,RV $585 MINT Lladro 7672 It Wasn’t Me! w/ Original Box - Perfect Condition Lladro Figurine #7672 It Wasn't Me! Dog with Flower Pot, with base 1998 Retired LLADRO #7672 IT WASN'T ME BNIB CUTE PUPPY FLOWERS DOG RETIRED $210 OFF FREE SHIP