There is also an opulent use of color that is well balanced in its subtlety. Swarovski CrystalsThis is a company that is headquartered in Austria but has an international presence. There are very few cities of this world that does not have a Swarovski flagship store displaying some of the most breathtaking range of collectibles, d�cor items, writing instruments, jewelry and fashion accessories. The finesse and high level of refined artwork makes each and every piece of Swarovski crystal resplendent in all its glitzy beauty. There are times when the element of shine and sparkle may lead one into thinking of it as diamonds. There are different ranges of crystal offerings from Swarovski jewelry, watches and accessories, sculptures and miniature figurines, chandeliers and a variety of home decor items. There is also a range of writing instruments with crystal studded pens that can make for a very special gift for someone you love. Swarovski crystals are also used commonly by makers of fine clothing as an accessory for embellishments. Swarovski chandeliers adorn some of finest buildings and palaces of this world. These are elaborate and gorgeous fixtures for lighting that have remained popular through decades of traditional to modern living. You will find a fine range of jewelry with bangles, necklaces, earrings and rings that can leave an impression of fine taste and preference.

Lladro Figurines - Japanese Geisha with flowers Lladro Timid Japanese Figurine LLadro Vintage Asian Japanese Geisha Figurine Retired Flower Arrangement LLADRO PORCEAIN FIGURINE #4840 JAPANESE GEISHA FLOWER TENDING Zaphir by Lladro Chirping #512G/M Boy Blue Shirt Holding Bird Porcelain Figurine Pair of Vintage Lladro Figurines "Timid Japanese" #4990. Retired in 1998. 12" H Lladro Springtime In Japan Figurine with Custom Base LLADRO MANEKI NEKO White 08528 LUCKY CAT Figurine Ornament 9.5 x 7.5 x H8.5cm LLADRO MANEKI NEKO Pink 8530 LUCKY CAT Figurine Porcelain Ornament 9 x 8 × H10cm LLADRO MANEKI NEKO Black 09166 LUCKY CAT Figurine Ornament Gift 5.6x 6.4xH11cm LLADRO MANEKI NEKO Blue 08529 LUCKY CAT Figurine Ornament Gift 9.5x7.5×H8.5cm Lladro Porcelain Figurines JAPANESE LADY WITH AMBRELLA AND LADY WITH FAN