I often surf the net and go to specialty shops to search for exquisite authentic porcelain figurines for my collection. It was tough until I discovered Lladro figurines . Lladro ducks are basically replica statues or statuettes of ducks that can be made using porcelain and a host of other molding materials. Lladro ducks are used for symbolic, decorative, collection purposes or depending on the whims and fancies of the owners. Most people buy the porcelain figurines for their collections. Collection of Lladro ducks is a truly poignant experience and is far detached from monetary value of the collectible figurines. It is a leap towards eternalizing recollection of figurines once owned and commemorating the old and good timesCollecting Lladro figurines as a hobby is captivating and motivating as well as very satisfying. They can also be used as ideal gifts for friends and acquaintances especially during holidays and as memorabilia or keepsakes. When gifted, animal figurines also touch a sensitive nerve, especially if the receiver is a pet lover or a collector. Lladro figurine collectors like collectors of most other things, could never have enough. Many animal figurines have been sighted to be enticing and seem to beg you to take them home with you.

Lladro Porcelain Figurine #4840 Japanese Geisha Flower Arranger - Retired Lladro AUGUST MOON Figurine 5122 Geisha Japanese Girl Tea Ceremony Woman Figure VINTAGE LLADRO JAPANESE GEISHA GIRL WITH VASE OF FLOWERS] Lladro Japanese Geisha Sayonara Figurine Girl # 4989 RETIRED Lladro Japanese Girl with Parasol - Retired # 4988 -NEW Lladro - KYIOKO #1450 Japanese Geisha Porcelain Figurine - 7” Tall Beautiful Vintage Japanese Sayonara Lladro Figurine Collectible, FREE SHIPPING Lladro 70’s Porcelain Figurine - Vintage Japanese Geisha Woman Flower Arranger LLADRO "Japanese Girl" arranging flowers collectible Figurine Lladro Porcelain Figure #6396 Oriental Forest, Japanese Geisha Girl w/ Deer Lladro Japanese Geisha Flower Girl #4840 LLADRO #1450 "KIYOKO" MINT CONDITION, BEAUTIFUL, GIESHA JAPANESE GIRL 7" HT Vintage 1978 LLADRO Japanese Geisha with Umbrella Parasol Figurine 4988 RETIRED Lladro 4840 Japanese "Geisha Tending to Flowers" Porcelain Figurine Matte Finish Vintage Lladro Figurine Japanese Geisha Girl #4989 1978 RARE LLADRO JAPANESE GEISHA GIRL ARRANGING FLOWERS NOT GLOSSY-DIFFERENT VASE #33 Lladro Vintage Porcelain Japanese Girl with Umbrella No. 4.998 Circa 1982 Lladro Vintage Porcelain Japanese Girl Number 4.889 Japanestia Sayonara w/Box Lladro Vintage Porcelain Japanese Girl Number 4.990 Japanestia Timida w/Box Lladro - KYIOKO #1450 Japanese Geisha Porcelain Figurine Vintage Retired LLADRO PORCELAIN FIGURINE # 1449 "MAYUMI" JAPANESE GEISHA GIRL w/ POTTED FLOWER Nao Lladro Japanese Geisha Girl LLADRO ORIENTAL JAPANESE 12" GEISHA FIGURINE ON PEDESTAL-Missing Umbrella Lladro Japanese Girl Decorating #4840 Matte Finish Porcelain Figurine LLADRO PORCELAIN FIGURINE GEISHA JAPANESE ASIAN GIRL 10.5" {MINT IN GIFT BOX} LLADRO GESHIA JAPANESE GIRL HOLDING PARASOL & FAN #4988 {MINT IN GIFT BOXED} CHARMING LLADRO #4840 " JAPANESE GIRL DECORATING " w/FLOWERS-EXCELLENT/MINT RARE LLADRO DAISA SPAIN 4989 JAPANESE SAYONARA PORCELAIN SCULPTURE GEISHA GIRL! Lladro 6152 FLOWER GAZER Japanese Geisha Girl - Lovely! No Box One Petal Chipped Lladro Geisha Girl Lady with Fan Sitting on Tree Figurine #4807 12" MINT Lladro Geisha Girl Arranging Flowers Figurine # 4840 Decorating Japanese Lladro Porcelain Figurine "Japanese Sayonara Geisha Girl" hand made Lladro Glazed Porcelain Japanese Geisha Child Girl w/Fan Figurine LLADRO 4988 - ORIENTAL SPRING - JAPANESE GIRL WITH PARASOL AND FAN Lladro # 1449 "Mayumi" Japanese Geisha Girl Tending Flowers 9 3/4” High Lladro Style "Japanese Girl with Mirror" Figurine Lladro 4988 - Japanese Girl with Parasol - Retired Lladro JAPANESE GIRL DECORATING Geisha Flower Arranger #4840 Vintage retired Lladro "Flower Arranger" Japanese geisha missing fingers+flowers 2 Lladro TALL Japanese Giesha Girls 1 In Blue Bowing Welcome 1 In Pink w/ Fan Beautiful Lladro " JAPANESE SAYONARA GEISHA GIRL " Figure - Scarce In Box Lladro Michiko Japanese Geisha Girl # 6681 Figurine Damaged(9 by 5 by 4 ")