More valuable limited editions, where the total of pieces to be made is produced in a limited number with a specific date of issue. The certificate issued with the piece confirms that it is part of a limited edition. The third option is a numbered series piece which is available from an issue date to a retirement date, but numbered and comes with a numbered certificate. These figurines are part of a set run of production and once these designs have been sold that particular item is not made again. The value of these Llado restricted production series are, of course, greatly increased due to this 'strawberry effect' the calculated scarcity that these limited items are a, one and only, opportunity. Lladro figurine authenticity is easy to verify as the bottom of the figurine should have one of the Lladro logotypes printed on it which will confirm that this is a genuine Lladro piece. Illustrations of these logotypes can be found in the Lladro figurine catalogue. In the mid 's in Almacera near the city of Valencia, on Spain's Eastern Mediterranean coast, a small family workshop was born Lladro pottery and figurines. Three brothers Juan, Jos and Vicente decided to dedicate their free time to making ceramics as a means of improving their prospects for the future. As a first step, brothers Juan, Jos and Vicente enrolled in the Valencia School of Arts and Crafts. They studied drawing and painting, while the youngest brother, Vicente, took up sculpture.

Lladro Porcelain Figurine #4840 Japanese Geisha Flower Arranger - Retired Vintage Lladro Figurine "Timid Japanese" # 4.990 Chrysanthemum Geisha 11.5 inch Lladro AUGUST MOON Figurine 5122 Geisha Japanese Girl Tea Ceremony Woman Figure Lladro #4990 "Timid Japanese Geisha" Porcelain Figurine Retired VINTAGE LLADRO JAPANESE GEISHA GIRL WITH VASE OF FLOWERS] Lladro 4990 porcelain geisha "Timid Japanese" RETIRED. Excellent Condition Lladro Japanese Geisha Playing Shamisen "Oriental Melody" #227 Lladro "Timid Japanese Geisha" Porcelain Figurine # 4990 Lladro Japanese Geisha Sayonara Figurine Girl # 4989 RETIRED Lladro Japanese Girl with Parasol - Retired # 4988 -NEW Vintage lladro Porcelain Figurine 5122 Geisha Japanese Woman Ceremony Tea Lladro KOKESHI III (TURQUOISE) 01008710 Japanese Doll Lladro KOKESHI III (RE-DECO) 01009095 Japanese Doll Lladro Retired KOKESHI I (RE-DECO) 01009094 Japanese Doll Lladro KOKESHI IV (SUNFLOWERS) 01008712 Japanese Doll Lladro KOKESHI I (PINK) 01008708 Japanese Doll Lladro JAPANESE PORTRAIT - WOMAN WITH UMBRELLA AND CRANE 01008253 Lladro Japanese Garden Children Figurine 01008640 Lladro Retired Japanese Nobleman I Figurine. Limited Edition 01012520 Lladro Japanese Nobleman II Figurine. Limited Ed Japanese Nobleman I01012521 Vtg Lladro August Moon Figure Figurine 5122 Geisha Japanese Woman Ceremony Tea Lladro 5122 August Moon Japanese lady with tea mint condition retired in 1993 Lladro - KYIOKO #1450 Japanese Geisha Porcelain Figurine - 7” Tall Beautiful Vintage Japanese Sayonara Lladro Figurine Collectible, FREE SHIPPING Lladro 70’s Porcelain Figurine - Vintage Japanese Geisha Woman Flower Arranger Lladro 1445 "Springtime In Japan" Porcelain Figurine With Wood Base LLADRO "Japanese Girl" arranging flowers collectible Figurine Lladro Porcelain Figure #6396 Oriental Forest, Japanese Geisha Girl w/ Deer BEAUTIFUL LLADRO JAPANESE LADY DAISA 1977 FIGURINE 8" TALL SPAIN KT8154 LLADRO Figurine #4989 "Japanese Sayonara" Very Good Lladro JAPANESE PORTRAIT 01008253 Made in Spain Lladro Japanese Geisha Flower Girl #4840 LLADRO #1450 "KIYOKO" MINT CONDITION, BEAUTIFUL, GIESHA JAPANESE GIRL 7" HT Vintage 1978 LLADRO Japanese Geisha with Umbrella Parasol Figurine 4988 RETIRED Lladro 4840 Japanese "Geisha Tending to Flowers" Porcelain Figurine Matte Finish Vintage Lladro Figurine Japanese Geisha Girl #4989 1978 RARE LLADRO JAPANESE GEISHA GIRL ARRANGING FLOWERS NOT GLOSSY-DIFFERENT VASE #33 Lladro Vintage Porcelain Japanese Girl with Umbrella No. 4.998 Circa 1982 Lladro Vintage Porcelain Japanese Girl Number 4.889 Japanestia Sayonara w/Box Lladro Vintage Porcelain Japanese Girl Number 4.990 Japanestia Timida w/Box LLADRO Limited Edition “Japanese Elegance” Retired #403 of 750 Lladro - KYIOKO #1450 Japanese Geisha Porcelain Figurine Vintage Retired