Thoroughly modern, yet timeless, this piece commemorates the excitement, love and hope of the moment when a groom whisks his bride up in his arms and carries her across the threshold. The stunningly rich wedding gown is masterfully sculpted to realistically mimic the draping of silk, while the happy couple's faces gracefully tilt toward each other with the bride shyly meeting the groom's eager gaze. Here the magic of a Lladr� piece can be experienced. This simple sculpture transports you instantly back to this special moment and those cherished emotions, whether for a first or th anniversary. A Truly Happy HolidayLladr� also creates special pieces that are perfect for the winter holiday season. It is sure to be a happy holiday when you display one of Lladr�'s specially created winter inspired pieces like "Talk to Me," a figurine that joyfully celebrates the winter tradition of snowman construction,right down to the carrot nose! This is one of Lladr�'s most colorful pieces and features a charming little boy gently prodding his newly fashioned snowman to life. Full of animated detail and elegant shades of blue, white and brown, this is one piece that will make you want to curl up next to a fire with a cup of hot cocoa and hope for a snow day. Additionally, Lladr� creates commemorative ornaments, like the porcelain Christmas tree ball, exclusively created to commemorate a specific year, these ornaments are retired shortly thereafter. Beautifully engraved silhouettes and hand painted matte finish ensure these pieces will become cherished family heirlooms that will be the obvious centerpiece of the Christmas tree. Lladr� figurines are highly prized collector's pieces, which offer a great investment to anyone looking to become a connoisseur of porcelain art. But they aren't just for putting on a shelf somewhere safe and out of the way.

Lladro Jolie Lady with Umbrella #5210 Figurine Missing Parasol woman femaleLladro Lovely Parisian Lady Figurine #5321 With Parasol Umbrella READDESIGNER LLADRO 4700 LADY WITH GIFT & UMBRELLA PORCELAIN FIGURINE MATTE - MintLLADRO LADY WITH HATBOX AND UMBRELLA 5345Beautiful Lladro Lady With Umbrella (4805G) 1972-81 standing Gracefully.Lladro Sunny Day Lady with Umbrella Collectible Figurine # 5003 Retired GlazedLladro Style Porcelain Figurine Lady w/ Umbrella 7.5" VintageLladro Woman with Dog Without Parasol Umbrella "Lady with Shawl" #4914Vintage Lladro "Woman with Umbrella and Dog" Papillon #4761 Vincente MartinezLLADRO 1992 PORCELAIN GARDEN SONG LADY WITH UMBRELLA AND BIRD ARTIST SIGNED Antique Arnart Lladro Style Porcelain Figurine Lady with Umbrella Taiwan 8" High