It depicts the simplicity and beauty of friendship, and calm spirituality. There is also the joy of love which you can experience when you see these figurines in person; it captures the human spirit that is appreciated and acknowledged by people from all age groups. These figurines are adored by one and all not just for their quality and beauty, but also because these showcase the best qualities of human spirit! You were delighted and felt on top of world when your friend had gifted a lladro nao figurines in your wedding celebration. It is widely believed, these unique Lladro Porcelain figurines leave an unforgettable impressions on minds of receiver of the gift. These figurines are known for their ability to portray tender moments of life with perfect display of fine facial details. When you see these details along with smooth flow of grace and rich pastel shades in them, you will understand why they perfectly fit into a collector's dream. This fine glaze of Lladro figurines is often said to be their industry secret. In fact, this glaze makes them one of the magnificent treasures with collectors. It is because of detailed designs and intrinsic value; they have evolved as one of most sought after porcelain pieces in entire world. The immense value that these pieces carry can be easily gauged with a simple fact. People are ready to pay handsomely for them which might be said to be equivalent of paying for Rolls Royce cars or the Picasso of fine porcelain decor items.

Lladro 8022 Little Lady with Original Box; Rare.  Mint Condition / Retired Ceramic Figurine "Lady with Hat" Lladro Style Figurine 8 " Tall LLADRO LADY FIGURINE #5487 Vestido De Noche IngenueNIB Lladro porcelain figurine Lady Holding Lamb 10.5" handmade in Spain 14" Daisa By Lladro, Spain, Vintage 4700 Dressmaker Figurine Umbrella Porcelain Vintage Porcelain Lady Girl Blue White Gown Figurine Water Jug 11" Lladro style Lladro 4994, My Little Pet (lady & dog) Lladro Lady With Geese #1035 NAO BY LLADRO #178 LADIES AT WATER WELL WOMEN “TALKING” FIGURINE GORGEOUS 1979 DAISA RETIRED LLADRO TALL LADY DANCER 5050 HANDMADE FIGURINE SPAIN NAO BY LLADRO THE DANCE IS OVER LADY #1204 With BOX Fingers Broken *Discount!* Nao Lladro Lady and Her “Spoiled Puppy” #1331~Issued 1999~ Retired ~RARE Lladro style lady sculpture with attached bud vase RARE Vintage lladro Porcelain Figurine Woman / Lady Holding a Baby Lladro woman lady SITTING BATHER 01009157 Lladro Lady woman YOUNG WATER GIRL 01012336 Lladro Woman Man Lady 01006783 WINDS OF ROMANCE Lladro Woman Man Lady Everlasting Love Couple Figurine 01008274 Lladro Woman Lady Man Bride Groom The Happiest Day 01008029 Lladro Man Lady Wedding The Happiest Day Couple Silver luster 01007055 Lladro Woman Lady Man Bride Groom Lovers' Waltz Couple Silver Lustre 01007193 Lladro Love Couple Woman Man Lady 01006842 YOU'RE EVERYTHING TO ME Lladro My Fair Lady Bust 01018024 Lladro Woman Lady 01008799 PEACE OFFERING Lladro Rococo Lady on Swing Figurine 01008424 Lladro Our Lady of The Forsaken Figurine. Numbered Edition 01001394 Lladro Porcelain Kisses Woman Lady Figurine. Beige 01009200 The ball Lladro 01002023 FLOWERS MARKET Lady Woman Flowers LLADRO AFTERNOON TEA 1428 ART DECO LADY 14.25" PORCELAIN FIGURE Lladro Porcelain Lady Figurine #5003 "A Sunny Day" Retired vintage lladro style lady with birds Lladro “Lady of Nice” #6213 Spanish porcelain figurine. Perfect condition VNTG.Genuine Figurine Lladro Beautiful Lady Pregnan With Dog #4994 - SPAIN. Lladro Figurine Made In Spain Lady Holding a Poodle vintage Lladro 5122 August Moon Japanese lady with tea mint condition retired in 1993 Lladro NAO Lady with Umbrella Figurine #129 10-1/2" Lladro Girl With Rooster Hen & Basket Cockerel # 4591 Vintage Lladro "The Lady Of The Rose" 13 1/2" Figurine #6857 Hand signed Lladro Lady with Hat MINT Lladro Spring Nymph Nude 1602 RETIRED Nude Girl Lady Figurine Statue Mint Porcelain Lady Revolving Music Box Figurine with cats Lladro Style 9 inches Vintage LLADRO' Del Manzano Lady with Butterfly Figurine Nao 11.5 inch porcelain