From the very remotest times, people have enjoyed telling and listening to stories tales of real people and situations, or tales of imagination, all of which move us, delight us and make us dream. Consequently, under their Privilege Gold banner, Lladro have launched a new collection of creations inspired by enduring classic tales. It gets under way with Little Tin Soldier, an ancient story of enduring love that has enchanted children and adults alike for over a hundred years. The characters of this charming tale the beautiful ballerina and the brave soldier are an example of true love and beauty. They are the leading players in an intense and exciting love story that is now born again in the form of a delicate porcelain figure. Lladro porelain have captured the dancer's beautiful dress and graceful pose, the soldier's stylish uniform and his loving look. every last detail has been carried out with the same masterful skill that Hans Christian Andersen applied to penning the tale. The story that has inspired this new open series, has become a part of popular culture the world over because it is much more than a tale for the very young. Its roots lie in ancient wisdom. The story deals with essential themes such as friendship, loyalty, beauty and honesty. And beneath the boundless imagination and fantasy lies a profoundly ethical meaning.

LLADRO - LARGE & RARE "DAY DREAM" #12062. RETIIRED 1977. BEAUTIFUL, 16" HIGH Large Retired 1975 Lladro Hand Made In Spain 16" Prowling Crouching Siamese Cat LLADRO LARGE RETIRED FIGURINE #5130 “CLOWN'S HEAD BOWLER-HAT” (B) - MINT IN BOX Lladro Loves Little Surprises Retired Figurine. RARE- Large Lladro “Mariko” - #1421 Geisha - 16.5” Tall - Spain Retired,Vintage Lladro 6654-On Shore Leave- ORIGINAL BOX in EXCELLENT Condition. LLADRO FLOWERS OF THE SEASON WOMAN FIGURINE #1454 In Original Box As Shown Wow! Lladro Figurine "El Paseo del Bebe" #4938 The Baby's Walk Lladro Maja Spanish Girl by Juan Huerta Large Figurine Vintage Lladro Jesus Christus Christ 7584 Large 19.5” White 1999 Mint! Lladro "Shepherd Resting" Figurine #4571 (with Dog, Sheep, Lamb) - Mint VINTAGE PORCELAIN FIGURINES 346/G WOMAN AND MAN PAIR TENNIS PLAYERS LLADRO LLADRO SPAIN HURRY NOW GIRL WITH GEESE LARGE FIGURINE 5503 RETIRED RARE LLADRO SHAKESPEARE #1338 LARGE GLAZED STATUE FIGURINE SIGNED MADE IN SPAIN LLADRO Large Figure ~ STUDYING IN THE PARK #5425 ~ RETIRED 1991 RARE MINT lladro Figurine # 5595 JOY IN BASKET retired 6.00" tall W Box LLADRO #6941 KITTENS GATHERING BRAND NIB GIRL CAT RARE NEW Lladro Julia 9” Ballerina Girl Porcelain Figurine Made In Spain No. 1361 Retired Vintage Large Lladro 4684 Hebrew Student - Mint Condition Stunning X Large Lladro Girl Sitting on Tree with Pail / Bucket - Fine Condition NEW LLADRO You're Everything To Me ***New in Box Lladro White Porcelain Dove Figurine Large 6.5" Long Retired Mint Condition U416 Lladro #1323 "Angel with Accordion" Lladro Nao FLUTTERING PIGEONS Girl EXTREMELY RARE LARGE!! Lladro Voyage of Columbus 5847 Figurine Children Globe Signed Large Mint in Box 1984 LLADRO Daisa Girl with Umbrella figurine Angela # 5211 retired 2002 8.75" Lladro 1446~Here Comes The Bride~WITH STAND ...READ LISTING! NAO BY LLADRO THE DANCE IS OVER LADY #1204 With BOX Fingers Broken *Discount!* LLADRO VIRGIN LOVE 12235 ADORING MOTHER LARGE & BEAUTIFUL MINT FAST SHIPPING!!! Vtg Large NAO by Lladro Gres Porcelain Sculpture Figurine - DAILY CHORES - 17" Vintage Lladro Figurine Model 1077 DUTCH GIRL Retired Lladro Glossy porcelain Male Doctor Figurine. Fair skin 01008188 Made in Spain Lladro The Father Figurine 01008407 Lladro Couple HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 01006475 Lladro Girl Fetch My Shoe! Figurine 01008524 Lladro Horses Galloping Figurine 01008682 8682 New in Box Lladro Admiratio Woman Figurine 01018012 Lladro JAPANESE PORTRAIT - WOMAN WITH UMBRELLA AND CRANE 01008253 Lladro Celestial Flowers Angel Figurine 01009193 Lladro Inner Peace Woman Figurine 01009487 Lladro Beginnings Mother Figurine 01008331 Lladro I Love You Truly Couple Figurine 01001528