Competing for market share with other collectibles like Precious Moments and Royal Doulton, a Lladro figurine is still the prize of most collections. NAO Lladro The product line of NAO by Lladro is another great example of how Lladro prices and values blow away the competition in Porcelain Figurines. Their creation of a brand within a brand further entrenched the already iconic line. NAO is a sub brand whose pieces are distinguished by the simplicity of their forms, subject matters and colorful presentations. It should be known that all NAO figures are crafted by the team of sculptors at the City of Porcelain and are constructed at the company's workshops in the town of Xirivella, in Valencia Spain. If you would like more information on NAO, you should visit the official NAO website. Retired Lladro Statues Even more impressive then the value of their current pieces is the Lladro prices of their retired figures. Once a particular piece is retired, you can count on the price increasing dramatically. Since each piece has a finite number produced, once a piece is retired the collector's demand to have one of the limited units drives the price up. Here is the difference between an open edition, a limited edition and a numbered series"In Open Editions, the piece is produced in an unlimited number from the date of its issue until its retirement year. In Limited Editions, the piece is produced in a limited number from the date of its issue and is then sold out when the whole series is commercialized.

Lladro Miniature Vase “Geisha Women” #5257 Lladro Miniature Vase “Children Playing” #5258 Lladro Figurine, All Aboard, Boy with toy train (7619) 7.5" MIB NIB Lladro Annual Porcelain Relief Christmas Bell RETIRED 1992 ORNAMENT Beautiful Lladro Figurine #7619 "All Aboard" w/ Box Lladro “Balance Goat I” #8198 Retired Porcelain Figurine Porcelain 2005 9”H LLADRO #07620 "BEST FRIEND" Retired - NEW IN BOX Lladro Figurine A CHILD'S PRAYER (BABY BOY) #06496 Retired NEW IN BOX Vintage & Retired Lladro 1994 Collectors Bell Retired Limited Edition #1283 of 2000 Lladro Father Christmas #1890 Retired Signed Limited Edition Lladro Figurine - "Serenade In White" #11843 Lladro “Balance Tiger II” 2 #8197 Retired Figurine 6 3/8”H LLADRO LIMITED EDITION *** WAITING FOR A RAINBOW*** RETAIL$1899 Lladro “Baby w/ Dummy in the Hand” #5099 Retired Figurine by Salvador Debon 6”L Lladro “Ballet Girl Reclining” #5109 Retired by Jose Roig 7”L 4.25”H Lladro “Pleasantries” 1440 Retired Sculpture by Salvador Debon Signed 1989 17”H Lladro “Arctic Family” Retired 6745 Polar Bears Figurine by Juan Huerta Signed Vintage Lladro #4636 “Madonna Girl with Child” Figurine by Juan Huerta 7.5”H Lladro 7542 Eternal Love Bell - Limited Edition Mint Retired Lladro MUST SEE Lladro Zodiac Collection “The Dog” #8143 by Jose Santaeulalia Signed 2004 7”H Lladro Christmas Tree Ornament Cherub on Crescent Moon Lmt. Edition Retired 2008 Lladro Christmas Tree Ornament Cherub in a Frame Limited Edition Retired 2008 Lladro Christmas Tree Ornament Cherub In Heart Limited Edition Retired 2008 lladro limited edition retired “My Baby Lladro” Madre Castellana #895 Signed Lladro Collectors Society Figurine BEST FRIEND GIRL With TEDDY BEAR #7620 Mint Lladro NAO Light Of My Days Mother Baby 1446 Porcelain Figurine Spain Daisa 2002 Lladro Historical Collection~The Reception~#1504 Retired by Francisco Catala LLADRO Spain #5252 DANCING THE POLKA Figurine - REGINO TORRIJOS w/ Box Retired Lladro Ten and Growing Boy Girl On Bench 7635 Club 1995 Brand New In Box Lladro Picture Perfect 1991 Club Lady Parasol Puppy BRAND NEW 7612 NIB Lladro Now and Forever 7642 Collector Club 10 Year Anniversary 1995 New In Box Lladro Little Riders Boy Cat Skateboard 7623 NIB 1994 Event Figurine Lladro It Wasn't Me 7672 Dog With Flower Pot 1998 Club New In Box Vintage Lladro Best Friend 1993 Club Girl Holding Teddy Bear 7620 Figurine LTD NB Lladro Best Friend 7620 in Original box -Retired Lladro Figurine A CHILD'S PRAYER #6496 Retired Mint in Box Lladro Figurine, All Aboard, Boy with toy train (7619) 7.5" No Box Lladro Historical Collection “Gossip” #4984 Retired Figurine by Jose Roig Lladro NAO “Dancing On A Cloud” Figurine 1983 Ballet Couple Pas de Deux 12.5”H Lladro Figurine, Best Friend, (7620) 6.2" MIB Lladro Charlie Chaplin Figurine #5233 ca 1984 LLadro #1375 Car In Trouble Limited Edition With Base  Box Certificate - Retired