The brothers introduced improvements not only in the patterns and designs of the figurines but as well as the firing methods, changing the three layer firing to a one layer process. One firing is a pioneering technique which results in the crystalline finish and the pastel quality that is a signature of Lladro Figurines. To give you a sneak preview of how Lladro Figurines come to life, each piece is actually a result of a very taxing artistic process. Sculptors are driven by their own inspiration but also conduct a painstaking task of research if the need arises. This is usually done for pieces or collections that convey other cultures. But simply put each creation starts off with an artistic inspiration. The sculptor then creates the first sketch of the new figure in clay, which is scrutinized and endorsed by the so called Creativity Committee, composed of numerous members, one of whom comes from the Lladro family. After which, the sketch, in clay, is reproduced in plaster to provide the first mold, which will then become the final mold for the porcelain figurine. To date, there are already a number of collections of Lladro Figurines in the company's historic catalogue, namely the Limited Editions, the High Porcelain, the Privilege Gold, the Lladro Collector's Society and the Lladro Privilege. With all the mass production that has been going on, the company has even decided to imprint a one of a kind logo on all their figurines. Beside "Porcelanas Lladr�", sculptors affix a Greek master piece, the Victory of Samotracia, therefore associating their surname to the principle of classical art.

Lladro girl with a goose #2095 Lladro Sitting angel #4530 Lladro AS IS figurine Violinist and Girl 1039 EP00079 Lladro Girl with a cat on her lap # 2169 Lladro CHILDRENS NATIVITY King Melchior Matte Figurine #4673 Mint Condition Lladro - Rare Cow with Suckling Pig #4640 - Baby Piglet Matte Finished NIB Lladro Annual Porcelain Relief Christmas Bell RETIRED 1992 ORNAMENT LLADRO Porcelian Christmas Ball 2013 Ornament Made In Spain 01018374 Mint w/ Bo Lladro #04779 MATTE FINISH "Teaching to Pray" Girl and Boy Praying Retired Lladro #1148 MATTE FINISH Girl Washing Her Hair Porcelain Figurine Made In Spain ✨Lladro "Cinderella" Porcelain Figurine #4828✨ NAO Lladro Mother with Child Matte finish 9 inch EXCELLENT NAO Lladro #0161 Boy Fighting the Dog Matte Finish 9.5 in. Vincente Martinez ret Retired Lladro Christmas Ornament Balls Spanish Porcelain Figurine 1989 5656M Lladro Daisa Golden Memories 1991 Bread Girl Ceramic Vintage Porcelain Figurine Lot of 3 Lladro AS IS Christmas ornaments and bells 1987, 1988, and 1999 Vintage Lladro "Dentist " 13.5" Figurine LLADRO 7" TRIO OF ANGELS FIGURINE Singing A Christmas Carol Matte Porcelain LLADRO Porcelain Christmas Bell 2004 Ornament Cherubs No Box Lladro Spain Figurine Mechanic Boy #4897 In Matte Finish LLADRO Porcelian Christmas Bell 2006 Ornament Made In Spain Cherubs Stars No Box Lladro 4602 Doctor Physician Porcelain Figurine 14" Matte Finish Lladro 4854 Don Quixote with Sword Porcelain Figurine 11 3/4" Matte Finish Beautiful Lladro 1999 Christmas Ball Porcelain Ornament w Light Blue LLADRO #4872 'GIRL STRETCHING' MATTE FINISH W/ORIGINAL BOX-8" Figurine Lladro Figurine Matte Girl Playing Mandolin Lladro Christmas Bell 1988 Retired 5525 Porcelain Matte Finish W/Box & Papers Lladro Christmas Bell 1987 year Porcelain Matte Finish  LLADRO Christmas Bell 1989 #5616 Matte Finish W/Box and Papers VINTAGE LlADRO GIRL HOLDING LAMB FIGURINE-Matte Finish 8”Tall Lladro Christmas Bell 1990 retired  #5641 Matte Finish W/ Box & Papers Lladro "May Flowers" #12274, gres, mint Lladro 5260 "Vase - Decorated" miniature vase Lladro "Girl with Lamb" 4505 Matte Lladro 2085 Rosita Retired! Mint Condition!  No Box approx 14+inches Lladro Children Nativity Donkey #4679 Rope Around His Neck Matt Finish & Mint!! Lladro Children Nativity Shepherd Boy Holding Lamb #4676 Matt Finish Mint!!! Lladro “Balance Goat I” #8198 Retired Porcelain Figurine Porcelain 2005 9”H Golden Memories Daisa 1993 Lladro Figurine Girl W Tiara Handmade In Spain #875 Lladro Children Nativity Baby Jesus #4670, Mary #4571 & Joseph #4672 MINT!! Lladro 5259 Urn - Decorated miniature vase/urn Lladro Children Nativity 3 Kings #4673, 4674,4675 Matt Finish No Boxes Mint!!!