There is something about a piece of art in figurine form that just draws you to it's timeless beauty. And because it is a collectible it will be more likely to increase in value rather than just become another dust gatherer on your shelf. There are some really nice pieces around that are just mass produced but still really nice. But if you want to get into the Rolls Royce of figurines start your Lladro collection now. Many famous people have extensive Lladro collections of many pieces worth lots of dollars. Lladro is a company based in Valencia in Spain and produces many fine porcelain pieces. The company is not that old being started in by three Lladre brothers. These guys used to make vases and jugs and decided to branch out into figurines in . These figurines were so popular that the brothers had to expand their operation and eventually move to new bigger premises in . It is easy to see why this stuff is so popular. Just look at a Lladro collection and marvel at the uniqueness of each piece.

Authentic 2004 Lladro Figurine Triton 1 #8063 - Retired, Mint in box NAO BY LLADRO SOUNDS OF THE SEA MERMAID #1367 New Opened Box "ARIEL" DISNEY NAO by LLADRO ~LITTLE MERMAID~ Figurine #1717 2013 ~NIB~ Vintage Lladro MERMAID Mirage Figurine #1415 lladro Mermaid sirena Ocean beauty, 1991-2017 retired,Jose Pusche sculptor Authentic Lladro Figurine #1413 –Illusion- Mermaid Issued 1982 with original Box Lladro Mermaid Handmade Figurine Made in Spain Used Lladro Prince of the Sea # 1821 Seahorse Mermaid MINT Signed Lladro Prince of the Sea # 1821 Seahorse Mermaid MINT Signed! NAO BY LLADRO SOUNDS OF THE SEA MERMAID #1367 SEA SHELL FANTASY Lladro #1822 Beneath the Waves Mermaid on Seahorse- Limited Ed - #372 - DAMAGE Lladro Porcelain Fantasy Mermaid Figurine on Stand Lladro Pearl Mermaid, issued 1978 retired 1983 Vincente Martinez sculptor Vintage Lladro Figurine "Fantasy" Mermaid #1414 Retired w/Box New condition Lladro Figurine Illusion 1413 Mermaid Mint in Box Lladro PLAYING AT SEA MERMAID 3 3/4" Porcelain Figurine: Mint Lladro WAKING UP AT SEA MERMAID 3 3/4" Porcelain Figurine: EUC Lladro DAY DREAMING AT SEA MERMAID 6 1/4" Porcelain Figurine: Mint Lladro "Illusion" #1413 - Mermaid with Pearl Vintage Lladro MERMAID Mirage Figurine #1415 in Box Lladro Mermaid Figurine #1413 Illusion - Excellent Condition Loose Shell No Box Lladro "Waking up" at Sea Mermaid Figurine original box and booklet Lladro Day Dreaming at Sea Mermaid Figurine with original box and booklet Lladro angel lying down figurine, 5 1/4 inches long , excellent Lladro 010.18113 "Waking Up At Sea" #18113 Porcelain Mermaid Figurine with Box Lladro Figurine #1415 Mirage Mermaid, In Box NAO By LLADRO SOUNDS OF THE SEA MERMAID 1367 W/ Sea Shell Fantasy Fish Figurine Lladro mermaid Mirage #1415 original box with stand and booklet Mint!  AS IS NEW Lladro "Underwater Journey" Large Mermaids Figurine #6929 NIB SIGNED Vintage Lladro Figurine "Playing At Sea" Mermaid #18111 w/Box PRECIOUS!! Lladro Mermaid Sounds of the Sea w/ box Mermaid Lladro pair Mermaid Beneath the Waves + Prince of the Sea Lladro 1822 Beneath The Waves F. Polope Sculpture Porcelain Limited / Retired LLADRO DISNEY ARIEL FIGURINE #9416 NIB THE LITTLE MERMAID PRINCESS COLLECTION Lladro "Mirage" Mermaid Holding Pearl Shell Figurine #1415 in Box Lladro 1414 Fantasy Mermaid Siren Porcelain Figurine Damaged With Base No Box Pair LLADRO "MIRAGE" 1415 MERMAID HOLDING SHELL W/ PEARL & FANTASY 1414 Figure LLADRO Mermaid Girl #1413 Illusion. Great in Box Lladro Illusion Mermaid Serina Brazos Rodillo Lladro Mirage Mermaid by Sirena Brazos Costado Lladro Underwater Journey Mermaid Figurine 01006929 Lladro figurines collectibles Mirage Mermaid Figurine-NO BOX (NA)V