This one is called Rose Ballet. Or, a girl with windswept hair, tiny flowers that she is holding and a small bird perching beside her. This one is called Summer Serenade. And, so many others that are known as classic Lladro. The classic Lladro means that the colors are usually gray, white and light brown and many times in a sweeping stance. The company also has newer lines, one that is called Re Deco. The pieces are designed with platinum. One of my favorites and really shows off the differences between Reo Deco and the classic Lladro is the LaMenina. This one is quite expensive, but is worth it because of its uniqueness. Other pieces in the Re Deco line don't have as much platinum on them, so the prices are more affordable. Another line is the Emperor's Table.

Nao By Lladro "GIRL HOLDING LAMB" Figurine (Matte) LLadro Nao Figurine Sitting Peasant Girl Ballerina Slippers Bare Feet FREEUSHIP NAO Lladro Mother with Child Matte finish 9 inch EXCELLENT Nao by Lladro figurine "Bedtime Snack"  ***RETIRED***  Great gift for a new mom! Nao by Lladro Boy On Phone w Puppy & Teddy Bear 7⅜in Porcelain Figure #1044G Lladro NAO New Baby A MOTHERS TOUCH Figurine 13" Original Packaging Mint NAO Lladro 1698 Angel Heart Figurine Romantic Nao by Lladro 1988 I’m Full Baby Boy Eating Dinner Soup Figurine 1074 Vintage 5 1/2" Nao Lladro My Little Bunny Baby Child In Rabbit Costume Figurine # 1414 Vintage NAO Lladro Figurine Girl Holding Baby 9" high Spain Gloss Finish *READ* NAO by Lladro "Where do babies come acorn?" NAO by Lladro 5030 "Where do babies come from...the harvest?"  1987 NAO By Lladro Child Boy Playing With Train Figurine Spain Porcelain Decor Lladro Nao porcelain figure Nativity baby Jesus - EUC Vintage Nao by Lladro Porcelain Young Girl Child Doll Praying Set of 3 Lladro NAO Spain Handmade Porcelain Geese Figurines VG Baby Mother NAO BY LLADRO ANGELIC LOVE #1698 BRAND NIB BOY ANGEL WITH HEART ROMANCE FREE SH SALE!! LLADRO/ NAO ANGEL "GIFT FROM HEAVEN" : Baby Boy, Gloss, #1268, 1999, NIB 1991 Nao By Lladro "My Teddy" Girl With Blue Teddy Bear Porcelain Figurine NAO by Lladro Porcelain Figurine PLAYMATES Girl with Puppy & Baby's First Chris NAO by Lladro 5020 "Where do babies come from...a nut?" figurine - MWOB, RV$77 NAO by Lladro 5021 "Where do babies come from...a cabbage?" figurine MWOB, RV$77 Nao by Lladro 1988 Baby Girl Eating Dinner Soup Figurine Vintage NAO LLADRO PORCELAIN FIGURINE FRIENDSHIP 2 GIRLS AND BABY DOLL LLADRO NAO BABY WITH PACIFIER FIGURINE MINT 5" LLADRO NAO BABY WITH BOTTLE FIGURINE MINT 5" DISNEY NAO BY LLADRO BAMBI PORCELAIN FIGURINE MOTHER & BABY 02001710 NEW IN BOX Nao by Lladro Blu Dogs in a Basket ceramic Figurine ,blue and white polka basket Lladró NAO Loving Porcelain Mother and Child Figurine NAO by Lladro "The Cradle" Baby And Mother No 198. Retired 1977 Lladro Nao Daisa Figurine Girl with Rag Doll Clown Toy 8 1/2" Memories 1108 1989 Nao by Lladro Christmas Set 8 pcs Holy Family Baby Jesus, Mary, Josef, Kings 2010 Nao Lladro Cinderella #1681 Disney Princess Baby Blue 11" Tall Damaged Lladro NAO Duck Goose Porcelain Figurine Baby Bird Handmade. Spain 1982. Used NAO by Lladro 5022 "Where do babies come from...a snail shell?" - MWOB, RV$77 LLADRO NAO #564 Young Girl Holding Baby Doll Acostando a La Nina Glossy Finish LLADRO NAO Young Girl Woman Holding Baby Matte Finish NAO BY LLADRO 6” GIRL WITH BABY CARRIAGE RETIRED NAO LLADRO BOY W/PUPPY A FRIEND IN NEED #1050 Nao by Lladro”The Cradle”Mother & Child Spanish Porcelain Figure Retired Daisa Nao By LLADRO #312 Baby Jesus Nativity Figure Christmas Child 1992 with Box NAO by LLADRO "COZY" Girl in Bed Figurine #1503 Retired *Rare* No Box Spain