Just about everyone who collects the exquisite figurines from Spanish ceramics company Lladro is familiar with the stunning white lady, also known as the Bride . But now the company is producing a new figurine called Nao , which has a much more masculine appearance. Although collectors and fans can’t agree whether this is a good or bad thing, they still adore the ceramic duck in the form of the new figurine.The Lladro Nao is to Lladro's duck collection as the Space Needle is to Seattle—an icon that's synonymous with the city's history and culture. Standing at just under 12 inches tall, the porcelain Nao sculpture has become one of the most beloved pieces in Lladro's entire collection. And with good reason: it's a graceful sculpture that deftly captures a duck's natural quirkiness. One thing collectors often forget, though, is that Nao has an uncommonly long name—Nao de Pato. If you're not a Spanish speaker, you may have trouble pronouncing it.