These pieces were likened to the 'works of art' of past porcelain masters. Lladro Figurines began to really take center stage when Juan, Jose and Vicente decided to devote themselves solely to their creations in and transfer their workshop to a bigger warehouse in the town of Tavernes Blanques. Their old workplace was simply too small for their rapidly expanding business and the demand was growing profusely. The brothers introduced improvements not only in the patterns and designs of the figurines but as well as the firing methods, changing the three layer firing to a one layer process. One firing is a pioneering technique which results in the crystalline finish and the pastel quality that is a signature of Lladro Figurines. To give you a sneak preview of how Lladro Figurines come to life, each piece is actually a result of a very taxing artistic process. Sculptors are driven by their own inspiration but also conduct a painstaking task of research if the need arises. This is usually done for pieces or collections that convey other cultures. But simply put each creation starts off with an artistic inspiration. The sculptor then creates the first sketch of the new figure in clay, which is scrutinized and endorsed by the so called Creativity Committee, composed of numerous members, one of whom comes from the Lladro family. After which, the sketch, in clay, is reproduced in plaster to provide the first mold, which will then become the final mold for the porcelain figurine.

Vintage Large Lladro Owl Figurine SCARCERare LLADRO Short-Eared Owl" Porcelain Figurine Made in Spain Mint condition 5"Barn Owl Lladro 5421 Porcelain Animal Figurine Spain Daisa Owl on Tree 1986Vintage Retired Nao by Lladro Daisa Porcelain OWL Gray & White 7” Made in SpainRetired Nao Lladro Porcelain OWL Gray & White 7” Made Spain Excellent ConditionLladro 8035 LUCKY OWL, RETAIL $240, w/Orig Box - 4"lladro (Mate) Buho Pequeno  OWL No. 2020 collectible figurine w/original boxNao Lladro Short Eared Owl Porcelain Figure Gray & White 6 1/2” 1976 - VERY NICELladro Short Eared Owl 8" Figurine 5418 by Francisco Catala Retired in Box Lladro Barn Owl 5" Porcelain Figurine 5422 by Francisco Catala in Original Box LLADRO SPAIN #5421 PORCELAIN BARN OWL 4" RARE RETIRED 1984Lladro - Owl - FigurineVintage Lladro Owl FigurineLladro 8035 Lucky Owl 3.5" Knocks on Wood Collection 2003 Daisa SpainLladro Lucky Owl Figurine CelebrationLladro Owl Figure Brown Blue Little Eagle Antique Vintage Collective BoxLladro Owl Figurine # 5419Lladró LLADRO Figurine Lucky Owl pottery out of print hard to find From JapanLladro Impressive Scarce " Lucky Owl " #8035 - Fine ConditionLladro Retired SMALL OWL (GREY) 01012534 New