These figurines are part of a set run of production and once these designs have been sold that particular item is not made again. The value of these Llado restricted production series are, of course, greatly increased due to this 'strawberry effect' the calculated scarcity that these limited items are a, one and only, opportunity. Lladro figurine authenticity is easy to verify as the bottom of the figurine should have one of the Lladro logotypes printed on it which will confirm that this is a genuine Lladro piece. Illustrations of these logotypes can be found in the Lladro figurine catalogue. In the mid 's in Almacera near the city of Valencia, on Spain's Eastern Mediterranean coast, a small family workshop was born Lladro pottery and figurines. Three brothers Juan, Jos and Vicente decided to dedicate their free time to making ceramics as a means of improving their prospects for the future. As a first step, brothers Juan, Jos and Vicente enrolled in the Valencia School of Arts and Crafts. They studied drawing and painting, while the youngest brother, Vicente, took up sculpture. To put their new knowledge into practice, they built a Moorish style kiln in the patio of their parents' home. They began manufacturing and selling their first Lladro pottery on the local market. Meanwhile, they had started to design and produce their own collectible figurines in porcelain.

Lladro Polar Bear Seated Handmade Porcelain In Spain Collectible Figurine LLADRO SITTING POLAR BEAR FIGURINE. NO BOX OR COA. GOOD CONDITION 2 Lladro Polar Bears Resting & Walking Porcelain Figurines Vintage Lladro Eskimo / Polar Bear Cub # 1195 Porcelain 4 5/8” Figurine Lladro 5353 "Eskimo Riders" Boy Girl Riding Polar Bear Porcelain Figurine Lladro Seated Polar Bear #1209 Vintage Lladro #1207 Attentive Polar Bear Figurine Retired Lot of 2 Original Box Vintage Lladro #1443 Bearly Love Polar Bears Family on Ice Figurine Retired VINTAGE Lladro Figurine White Polar Bear #1207 Spain MINT w/ BOX Estate Vintage Lladro Standing Polar Bear Figurine Retired B620 MINT LLADRO ESKIMO WITH POLAR BEAR HAND MADE SPANISH GLAZED PORCELAIN Lladro Polar Bear Figurines LOT OF 3: Polar Bear, Bearly Love, Eskimo Riders Rare Retired Vintage Lladro Polar Bear Signed Rare Retired Vintage Lladro Polar Bear Signed Vintage Lladro Frosted Polar Bear Vintage LLADRO Eskimo Boy with Polar Bear Lladro Attentive Brown Polar Bear # 1207 Porcelain Sculpture Figurine LLADRO 1984 ESKIMO BOY WITH A PET POLAR BEAR CUB GLOSSY RETIRED Lladro Figurine Resting Polar Bear, (1208) 4.75 No Box Lladro polar bear figurine Lladro Polar Bear Figurine #1209 Seated LLADRO DAISA FINE FROSTED CRYSTAL POLAR BEAR FIGURE ORIGINAL LABELS RETIRED Vintage Lladro Polar Bear Porcelain Figurine (NHU) Lladro Polar Bear in Mint Condition #1205 2 LLADRO 1 Seated Polar Bear & 1 Attentive figurines collectibles Excellent LLADRO PORCELAIN POLAR BEAR FIGURINE MADE IN SPAIN Lladro Polar Bears Set Of 3 Figurines Statues White Arctic Animals Vintage Lladro BOX FOR ESKIMO RIDERS Children on Polar Bear!! Vintage LLadro Standing Polar Bear Figurine and Seal # 1207 Mint Condition VINTAGE 1980's LLADRO SITTING POLAR BEAR VINTAGE Lladro Figurine White Polar Bear #1207 Spain MINT w/ BOX LLADRO Polar Bear #1208 Porcelain Figure No Box Lladro Figurine "Attentive Polar Bear With Flowers and Butterfly" #6354 READ Lladro Figurine ESKIMO BOY CHILD & POLAR BEAR CUB #1195 Marked Lladro Figurine SEATED POLAR BEAR #1209 With Original Box MINT Condition Retired Lladro Eskimo Boy with Pet Polar Bear #5238 Lladro Resting Polar Bear Porcelain Figurine LLADRO Child Sitting Hugging a Polar Bear Cub HandMade Spain LLADRO Child Standing with Polar Bear Cub HandMade Spain Lladro Figure Polar Bear Vintage LLADRO POLAR BEARS MOM AND CUBS RETRO COLLECTIBLE Lladro Girl and Polar Bear Figurine Collectible