They are the leading players in an intense and exciting love story that is now born again in the form of a delicate porcelain figure. Lladro porelain have captured the dancer's beautiful dress and graceful pose, the soldier's stylish uniform and his loving look. every last detail has been carried out with the same masterful skill that Hans Christian Andersen applied to penning the tale. The story that has inspired this new open series, has become a part of popular culture the world over because it is much more than a tale for the very young. Its roots lie in ancient wisdom. The story deals with essential themes such as friendship, loyalty, beauty and honesty. And beneath the boundless imagination and fantasy lies a profoundly ethical meaning. Only the finest tales have lived on, passing from generation to generation, turning up night after night, each time that a mother or a father tells them to a sleepy child. Lladro has faithfully re created these magical myths, using the finest of porcelain, in those most beautiful way imaginable, in a new collection that will fill any home with the magical dreamworld of childhood. There are many people in this world who have a taste for fine art. There are different types of preferences that exist.

Lladro #4935”CLOSING SCENE" by Vincente Martinez Ballet Dancers. 1977. Perfect. Lladro Julia 9” Ballerina Girl Porcelain Figurine Made In Spain No. 1361 Retired Lladro "The Dancer" Porcelain Ballerina #5050 (1974) Retired by Vicente Martinez Lladro Ballerina Figurine Little Girl Sitting Putting On Shoes Spain Retired NAO BY LLADRO THE DANCE IS OVER LADY #1204 With BOX Fingers Broken *Discount!* Lladro "Dancer" Ballerina Figure Signed by MC Lladro with Original Box Nice! LIMITED EDITION LLADRO #11889 "Dreams Of A Ballerina" Mint W/Box 184/1000 Signed Lladro Porcelain 1979 Ballerina Figurine "The Dancer" #5050 Signed Lladro Porcelain Ballerina "Heather" #1359 by Juan Huerta 1978, retired. Lladro Opening Night Girl Ballerina Figure ? Nao by Lladro Pensive Ballet Young Ballerina Girl Dancer Figurine Laying Down Lladro figurine: seated ballerina, perfect condition LLADRO NAO Ballerina Sitting On Stool Lladro Ballerina "Death of the Swan" Porcelain Figurine #4855 Retired F Vintage Lladro Spain Porcelain Figurine The Dancer 5050 Ballerina Retired 12" Lladro Young Ballerina Figurine Resting #0150 Retired MINT Nao by Lladro "Standing Ballerina" Figurine - Mint Meico Porcelain Harlequin Clown & Ballerina Closing Scene Lladro Style Figurine LLADRO #5336 AEROBICS SCISSOR FIGURE MINT RARE BALLERINA GIRL RETIRED PIECE RARE LLADRO Porcelain SHELLEY Pink Ballerina - Item #1357 Retired 1978 Juan Huerta Lladro Spain Porcelain Figurine 1360 Retired Laura Girl Ballerina Lladro 5275 Weary Ballerina Lladro Girl Ballerina Figurine Nao #1283. Lladro Two Sisters Clock # 5776 - Rare collectible Porcelain Nao Lladro #378 "Tribute to a Ballerina" Ballerina Sitting in Blue Chair Lladro figurine: Ballerina on a Pedestal, perfect condition Lladro "The Dancer" Ballerina #5050 Excellent Condition Retired with Box Lladro Figurine Ballerina Dancer "Final Touches" or "La Toilette" #5866 retired Lladro Nao Ballet Dancer Ballerina Laying Down Girl In Original Box 8 1/2" long Vintage Lladro Daisa Spain Porcelain Figurine The Dancer 5050 Woman Ballerina Lladro "Taking a Bow" Figurine #5095 - Mint Lladro "Waiting Backstage" Figurine #4559 - Mint RETIRED VINTAGE LLADRO NO. 4847 CLASSIC DANCE " BALLERINA ON CHAIR", MINT!!!! Lladro 6790 figurine Counting sheep Teddy Bear and Girl NAO LLADRO Porcelain Figurine #1616 "RESTING POSE"-Retired- BALLERINA - MINT NAO Lladro Ballerina Sitting On Stool Vintage lladro porcelain ballerina figurine LLADRO SHELLEY BALLERINA DANCER PORCELAIN FIGURINE 1357 MINT WITN BOX RETIRED LLADRO Porcelain SHELLEY Pink Ballerina - Item #1357 Retired 1978 Juan Huerta Vintage Lladro Spain Porcelain Figurine The Dancer 5050 Ballerina Retired 12" Genuine Lladro Porcelain Ballerina Figurine "Heather" #1359 (RETIRED) (No Box) LLADRO Ballerina Figurine "The Dancer" #5050 EXCELLENT CONDITION!! No Box