If you happen to break one of your figurines, there are Lladro repair locations where you can send the piece. The company does not have its own repair shop for Lladro figurines, but if you contact the Customer Service, a representative will be able to give you the name of the company that does its repairs in your country. When you purchase a Lladro figurine and you are not sure of its authenticity, you should check the bottom of the figurine. If it has the Lladro prototype printed on the bottom, then you are the owner of an authentic figurine of Lladro from Spain. There are several different series of Lladro figurines open series, limited series and numbered series. A Lladro figurine from the open series are produced in an unlimited number. In the limited series, there are only a set number of figurines created and when they are sold, they are not produced any more. This is what makes these figurines so valuable and why people who have them want to get the proper Lladro repair if something happens to them. The numbered series of figurines by Lladro from Spain are also produced in a limited number and carry a certificate of authenticity. Along with buying Lladro figurines, you can also buy accessories to complement your Lladro from Spain pieces. These pieces are not made of porcelain like the figurines and include such things as parasols and flowers, which are stuck to the figurines in the firing process.

Lladro Standing Penguin 6.5" Porcelain Figurine 5247 Juan Huerta in Box Lladro Penguin 6" Porcelain Figurine 5249 Fulgencio Garcia in Original Box Lladro Little Fisherman Figurine 2259 Girl Fishing With Penguin Retired in Box Lladro 5248 Penguin Retired! Mint Condition! No Box! Rare! L@@KLladro 5247 Penguin Retired! Mint Condition! No Box! Rare! L@@K Great Gift!Lladro, Tengra, & Vintage Birds – Goose, Penguin, & StorkLladró porcelain Art By Lladro. Sculpture Family of Penguins