One of the reasons these figurines are adored by so many is because of their consistency in portraying the best qualities of the human spirit. These qualities resonate within collectors. From the simplicity of friendship to the joys of love to the calmness of spirituality, these porcelain treasures capture simple human values that people of all ages can appreciate. Value Placed On RarityEach year, the Lladro family business produces new and original porcelain figurine collections. However, past collections of their figurines are often produced in limited numbers and then discontinued shortly following their release. Each time these figurine collections are removed from the normal channels of distribution making room for newer collections, a collectors' market is created. Because specific collections of these figurines are created in such limited quantity, they are often difficult to find and even more difficult to acquire. This rarity causes collectors to assign a premium value to certain collections. You can often find Lladro porcelain figurines being traded or bought and sold in online auction websites such as eBay. com for amounts that vary widely from the figurines' original prices. Handing The Figurines DownWhile some collectors relish the opportunity to trade or sell their Lladro figurines, others collect them in order to hand them down throughout the generations.

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