The fame of Lladro pottery and figurines has reached both ends of the world and will continue to be a huge part of collector's porcelain pottery and figurines. Do you want to know more about Lladro Porcelains ? either for your collection or as part of your home? You can visit and see the vast array of porcelain figurines in their collection vault. Lladro porcelain figurines portray human traits and values that inspire respect and praise. Some figurines characterize natural humility. Others depict bravery and courage in the midst of frailty. Still others celebrate our collective spirit of creativity. Collectors of these figurines are devoted to them largely because they easily identify with the purity of heart the figurines illustrate. A Timeless Beauty In PorcelainCreated with soft colors inspired by earth tones with each one painted by hand, figurines from the Lladro collections instantly seduce owners and collectors with their timeless beauty. One of the reasons these figurines are adored by so many is because of their consistency in portraying the best qualities of the human spirit. These qualities resonate within collectors. From the simplicity of friendship to the joys of love to the calmness of spirituality, these porcelain treasures capture simple human values that people of all ages can appreciate.

Lladro Ten and Growing Boy Girl On Bench 1995 Club 7635 Lladro Little Riders Boy Cat Skateboard 1994 Store Event Figurine 7623 LLADRO #5117 "PROUD MATADOR" A YOUNG MATADOR BOY WHO IS PROUD OF HIMSELF 9.75”  Lladro All Aboard 1992 Club Boy And Train 7619 Figurine Lladro Adolescence Boy With Guitar Serenading Girl 4878 Figurine Lladro Mini Ornaments Christmas Morning 2 Girls with Gifts and Boy with Ball LLADRO # 6609 "LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON" 12.5" Lladro Spain 10" Porcelain Figurine "Little Gardener" # 4726 Boy w/ Basket 1970 lladro Hebrew Student Jewish Boy Mint Condition Matte Finish Lladro Julio Figurine #2168 Mexican Boy with Dog W/box Vintage Lladro Figurine Jewish Boy with Dog Hanukkah Lights 6027 Retired 2000 LLADRO Figurine Retired Boy Dog sitting Pillow 5703 Behave Lladro Nao, 232 Boy with Slippers - NO BOX Vintage LLADRO Valencian Bouquet Boy With Flowers #1524 (Antonio Ramos) 1986 LLADRO 1984 Daisa Hand Made in Spain "Eskimo Boy With Pet - Polar Bear" #5238 Nao by Lladro "A New Toy" Boy with Train Glazed Porcelain Figurine #1052 Lladro Nao 1131, Birthday Boy Lladro Figurine: Nao 1044 Boy on Phone w/ Pupets, No/ Box RETIRED LLADRO #4810 BOY W/YACHT SAILOR HOLDING SAILBOAT ESTATE GLOSSY FIGURINE! Lladro #4810 “Boy With Yacht” Perfect Condition. Nao Lladro 1403 My First Class Boy at Desk Figurine Lladro Privilege Figurine PRINCE OF THE ELVES FAIRY BOY #7690 Retired Mint Vintage Lladro Figurine #4522 Retired Boy W Dog Glossy Crocker Spaniel 7”T 5.5”W Vintage Lladro Nao Zaphir Porcelain Figurine Boy with Pillow & Clock 9.5”T 3.5”W Lladro Inuit-Artic Eskimo Boy With Polar Bear Cub Hand Made Porcelain 9 inches LLadro Praying Angel Boy Porcelain Figurine 4538 Hand made in Spain Retired 5x3" LLADRO DAISA GOLDEN MEMORIES | BOY HOLDING PUPPY CAP FIGURINE DOG RARE 1991 lladro carousel With Girl, And Carousel With Boy. Its A Set Lladro Angel Laying Lying Down Cherub Boy Porcelain Figurine 4541 Retired Glossy LLADRO figurine #7635 TEN & GROWING includes Box - Girl Kissing Boy Lladro 2159 "Pensive Eskimo Boy" Gres Finish Figurine Hand Made In Spain Mint Lladro, Children in Nightshirts | Replacements, V 30-D Hand Made In Spain Lladro #5456 "New Playmates" - boy w/ 4 puppies & Momma dog - 5” Tall With Box Lladro Nao Daisa 1987 Spain Sitting Boy Holds Rabbit Porcelain Figurine Vintage VERY RARE NAO Lladro “Boy with Dog Reading Book Under Tree” 12” Tall Lladro 6091 Boy Basketball Player 1997, Retired Beautiful Mint Piece. Lladro Figurine 4522 Boy with Dog LLADRO Boy & Girl in Nightgowns Boy Blowing Kiss & Girl Leaning (2JK6414) LLADRO Boy Witch Yacht Sculpture. Young Sailor #01004810 LLADRO Valencian Bouquet Boy With Flowers #1524 1987 Figurine Spain RARE! *Read* LLadro BOY WITH LAMB 4676 Porcelain Figurine Gloss IN ORIGINAL BOX Lladro 5400, The Wanderer (Boy with Sack)