Meanwhile, they had started to design and produce their own collectible figurines in porcelain. Lladro-Pocket-Full-Of-Wishes.php">Later they moved to an Almacera, Lladro pottery markets its creations in over one hundred countries around the world. It's a good thing that with the artistic skills and talent of the Lladro brothers, they have created a masterpieces through the Lladro porcelain figurines and pottery. The brothers created their own formula for porcelain paste and refined their manufacturing techniques on all fronts: pigments, molds, varnishes, and firing times, resulting in pieces that not only incorporate great beauty, but emphasize quality of the highest kind. One of the reasons why the Lladro pottery is considered costly, hence the luxury. Many themes can be turned into a new figurine. With their special feel for art, the Lladro family inspires their sculptors and collaborators to transform their stripped idea into a fine work of art with the use of porcelain. Lladro first started creating items such as vases and jugs and later moved on to producing sculptures in . It was because of this move that they became most famous for their porcelain figurines. Enthusiasm for the items produced by the Lladro brothers saw their small workshop expand several times until eventually they moved to Tavernes Blanques in . Now, Lladro is far from the family workshop that started in the family home's patio.

Lladro #5192 Spanish Flamenco Dancing Girl Figurine Lolita Lladro Spanish Dancer Figurine NAO BY LLADRO FLAMENCO LADY  SPAINISH DANCER 1983 BLUE AND WHITE DRESS NAO BY LLADRO LARGE SPANISH FLAMENCO DANCER FIGURINE  NAO BY LLADRO LARGE FLAMENCO SPANISH DANCERS GIRL AND BOY DAISA 1980 LLadro Figurine Carmencita #5373 Salvador Debón 5.5" w/box Lladro #5193 Spanish Flamenco Dancing Girl Figurine Juanita (Vintage IN BOX) Lladro #5192 Spanish Flamenco Dancing Girl Figurine Lolita (Vintage IN BOX) LLADRO #5192 "LOLITA" SPANISH FLAMENCO DANCING GIRL PORCELAIN FIGURINE & FLOWERS Lladro ~ The Dancer~ Excellent With Original Box 1979 Lladro Spain Vintage Porcelain Figurine 'Dancer Ballerina' 12" 5050 Retired Vintage LLADRO Juantia Flamenco Dancer Girl Blue Dress, Pink Delicate Flowers Lladro FLOR MARIA 01005490 Spanish Statue Figurine Flamenco Dancer Flowers Lladro 5050 DANCER elegant woman lady, retail $350 - 12.5" Lladro Utopia Collection ELEGANT BALLET DANCER #8243 In Original Box LLadro Figurine Carmencita #5373 Salvador Debón 5.5" 1979 Lladro Vintage Figurine 'Dancer Ballerina' 12" tall LLADRO Figurine Porcelain Spanish Lady Girl Flamenco Dancer Flowers 1987 Vtg Lladro Ole' Flamenco Women Spanish Dancers Figurine Missing 1 Finger 5601 RARE Lladro/Zaphir Figurine POT BELLY MAN GOLD CHAIN DANCER UNUSUAL Lladro Fine Porcelain Figurine 5390 Spanish Dancer Girl FLAMENCO Dancer Damaged Lladro OLE Spanish Dancers Women 5601 Sevillanas Dancing Flamenco Couple Damaged Lladro Flamenco dancers Couple Figurine 01009333 Lladro Spain Figurine Spanish Flamenco Dancer DEEP IN THOUGHT 5389 NIB Lladro Flamenco Dancers Figurine 01009333 Lladro 2170 Spanish Dancer Gres Andalucian Woman Dancer Original Box 1983 Lladro 5192 Lolita Spanish Flamenco Dancing Girl Porcelain Figurine w/Box LLADRO BULERIA FLAMENCO DANCER WOMAN RED FIGURINE #9183 BRAND NIB SPANISH SAVE$$ Signed Vintage Lladro Spanish Dancer # 5390 Spain Porcelain Collectible Figurine Lladro Dancer Ballet Girl Figurine Rare Vintage 6274 Spain MINT Condition Lladro 2170 Spanish Dancer Gres Andalucian Woman Dancer Ships Direct From Lladro FLAMENCO DANCERS COUPLE #9333 LLADRO LOLITA FLAMENCO DANCER GIRL BLUE #5192 BRAND NIB CUTE FLOWERS SAVE$$ F/SH LLADRO JUANITA FLAMENCO DANCER GIRL BLUE #5193 BRAND NIB CUTE FLOWER SAVE$$ F/SH LLADRO FLAMENCO DANCERS COUPLE FIGURINE #9333 BRAND NIB ROMANCE SPANISH SAVE$ FS LLADRO #8685 PASSION AND SOUL BRAND NIB LARGE SPANISH LADY DANCER FAN SAVE$ F/SH NAO BY LLADRO SPANISH ART (WHITE-RED) #1884 BRAND NIB DANCER FLOWER SAVE$$ F/SH LLADRO FLAMENCO FLAIR WOMAN (RED) #8765 BRAND NEW IN BOX HUGE DANCER SAVE$$ F/SH NAO BY LLADRO #418 FLAMENCO BNIB LADY FLAMENCO DANCER BLUE WHITE DRESS SPANISH LLADRO PASSION AND SOUL FLAMENCO WOMEN #8683 BRAND NIB 60 ANNIVERSARY DANCER F/S LLADRO DANCER 5050 GLOSS CLEAN & MINT CONDITION BALLET SPANISH PORCELAIN