Beside "Porcelanas Lladr�", sculptors affix a Greek master piece, the Victory of Samotracia, therefore associating their surname to the principle of classical art. This makes Lladro Figurines a thing of beauty and a true epitome of miniature elegance. I often surf the net and go to specialty shops to search for exquisite authentic porcelain figurines for my collection. It was tough until I discovered Lladro figurines . Lladro ducks are basically replica statues or statuettes of ducks that can be made using porcelain and a host of other molding materials. Lladro ducks are used for symbolic, decorative, collection purposes or depending on the whims and fancies of the owners. Most people buy the porcelain figurines for their collections. Collection of Lladro ducks is a truly poignant experience and is far detached from monetary value of the collectible figurines. It is a leap towards eternalizing recollection of figurines once owned and commemorating the old and good timesCollecting Lladro figurines as a hobby is captivating and motivating as well as very satisfying. They can also be used as ideal gifts for friends and acquaintances especially during holidays and as memorabilia or keepsakes. When gifted, animal figurines also touch a sensitive nerve, especially if the receiver is a pet lover or a collector.

New Lladro "Spring is Here" (Linda Con Maceta) 05223 Retired MIB Girl & Flowers Lladro Figurine: 5223 Spring is Here, No/ Box Lladro Figurine: 5223 Spring is Here, w/ Box Lladro 5223 Spring Is Here / Girl With Basket Lladro Figurine No. 5223 "Spring Is Here" 6-1/2" Tall, Issued 1984 Perfect retired Lladro #5223 "Spring is Here", 1983, girl with bouquet of flowers, mint Lladro Figurine Dasia 1983 No: 5223 - "Spring is Here" Lladro 6 3/4" #5223 "Spring is here" Gloss Finish 1983 (M1) LLADRO FIGURINE #5223 "SPRING IS HERE" - MINT Lladro Spring Is Here Linda Con Maceta #05223 Statue in Original Box Lladro spring is here figure no box Lladro Girl with Flowers Spring is Here Figurine 5223 With Box. LLADRO #5223 Spring Is Here 6.75” NO BOX VINTAGE 1983 Retired Lladro 5223 "Spring is Here" Girl with Flowers Pot Figurine Vintage Lladro "Spring is Here" Re-Deco Porcelain Figurine Lladro Vintage Spring is Here Girl with Flower Pot 6 3/4" LLADRO 1990 FIGURINE "SPRING IS HERE" #05223 GIRL LADY WOMAN IN ORIGINAL BOX Lladro Spring is Here Girl Carrying Flower Pot Glossy Finish 6.75 in Figurine Vintage Lladro Figurine "Spring Is Here" Re-Deco #7038 Retired "RARE & HTF" PAIR OF VINTAGE LLADRO FIGURINES SWEET SCENT 5221 & SPRING IS HERE 5223. MINT LLADRO "SPRING IS HERE" GIRL WITH FLOWER POT FIGURINE - #5223 - SPAIN - MINT Lladro “Spring is Here’ Figurine Lladro Figurine #5223 Spring is Here, Girl With Flower Pot 6 3/4" RETIRED LLADRÓ Spring is Here 5223 Young Girl With Flower Pot with Original Box VTG RETIRED LLADRO "SPRING IS HERE" #5223 GIRL W/ FLOWER POT PLEASING LLADRO #5223 " SPRING IS HERE " GIRL HUGGING FLOWER POT-EXCELLENT w/OB Lladro Figurine SPRING IS HERE GIRL WITH FLOWERS POT #5223 Retired Vintage Lladro Porcelain Daisa "Spring is Here" 1983 Girl w Flower Basket Spain Vintage Lladro Daisa Spring Is Here 15223 Urn Vase 1984 Oriental Chineese "Spring is Here" Lladro #5223 - No Box VTG RETIRED LLADRO "SPRING IS HERE" #5223 GIRL W/ FLOWER POT Lladro Porcelain "Spring Is Here" Girl W/ Flowers In Flower Pot # 5223 Mint Lladro 1983 Spring Is Here Girl Holding Flower Pot Porcelain Figurine # 5223 Lladro Spring is Here Figurine Little Girl Holding Pot Full Of Flowers 5223 Vintage Lladro Retired Adorable ‘Spring is Here!’ #5223 Figurine Lladro #5223 Spring Is Here Girl With Flowers In Flower Pot VTG RETIRED LLADRO "SPRING IS HERE" #5223 GIRL W/ FLOWER POT IN MATTE - SPAIN LLADRO Glossy Porcelain Figurine 5223 Spring is Here Girl Holding Flowers LLADRO Spain Porcelain Figurine Spring Is Here Girl With A Flower Pot "Spring is Here" 5223 Sweet Lladro - w/out Original Box  Lladro Spring Is Here Unda Con Maceta #05223 Statue in Original Box Lladro #5223 'Spring is Here' Little Girl with Flower Pot, 6 3/4"