The story that has inspired this new open series, has become a part of popular culture the world over because it is much more than a tale for the very young. Its roots lie in ancient wisdom. The story deals with essential themes such as friendship, loyalty, beauty and honesty. And beneath the boundless imagination and fantasy lies a profoundly ethical meaning. Only the finest tales have lived on, passing from generation to generation, turning up night after night, each time that a mother or a father tells them to a sleepy child. Lladro has faithfully re created these magical myths, using the finest of porcelain, in those most beautiful way imaginable, in a new collection that will fill any home with the magical dreamworld of childhood. There are many people in this world who have a taste for fine art. There are different types of preferences that exist. There are some that prefer to visualize art on canvas alone. And then there are those that love to capture art through photography. Artisans and craftsmen pursue a different form of art.

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