Because of their unique character and brilliance, their creations succeeded in grabbing attraction of a number of followers. With growing expertise, it was in that the trio is known to begin work on sculptures. These creations in sculptures saw a clear influence of th century settings. It was because of this uniqueness and elegant look that these pieces saw being linked with 'works of art' of past porcelain masters. History records say, Lladro is a family owned business that was founded in the year by Jose, Juan and Vincente Lladro in Almacera, Spain. Rosa Lladro, mother of three brothers first introduced them to the world of art.

2000 LLADRO CHRISTMAS BELL ORNAMENT, #16700, WITH ORIGINAL BOX 2002 LLADRO CHRISTMAS BELL ORNAMENT, #01016723, WITH ORIGINAL BOX 1988 LLADRO CHRISTMAS BELL ORNAMENT, #5525, WITH ORIGINAL BOX 2001 LLADRO CHRISTMAS BELL ORNAMENT, #16718, WITH ORIGINAL BOX 1990 LLADRO CHRISTMAS BELL ORNAMENT, #5641, WITH ORIGINAL BOX Lladro Figurine: 4895 Ducks, No/ Box Lladro Figurine: 5831 Tree Topper (1991), No/ Box 1992 LLADRO CHRISTMAS BELL ORNAMENT, #15913, WITH ORIGINAL BOX Lladro IT'S A Boy Fairy Bell # 06416 Figurine LLADRO 6489 Tailor Made Mint Condition! Original Grey Box! Great Gift! LLADRO FIGURINE ESKIMO CHILDREN SLEDDING "HANG ON" #5665 LLADRO #18011 "IMAGINATIO", FROM THE HUMANITAS COLLECTION LLADRO FIGURINE POLLY PUSHING POSIES #6517 HOW SKILLFUL MINT SWEET 🦜 FLOWERS 💐 2003 LLADRO CHRISTMAS BELL ORNAMENT, #01016728, WITH ORIGINAL BOX Lladro #1439 "How Do You Do" mint Lladro 6947 "Violets,Time of Innocence" girl dancing in the violets -MIB, RV$315 LLADRO SANTA , ELF & MRS. CLAUS ORNAMENT 5939, 5938 & 5841 FIGS LLADRO 1994 Collectors Society Christmas Bell Ornament Lladro "May Flowers" #12274, gres, mint LLADRO "Little Pals" Glazed Porcelain Figurine #7600 Clown w/ Puppies in Pockets Lladro 1442 "kitty confrontation" mint lladro figurines retired Spanish Student Reading A Book Glazed lladro lot of three. without the box, # 1 Lladro NAO Stretching Ballerina #151 Slipper Ballet Figurine Spain Martinez Lladro "It Wasn't Me!" Spaniel Dog & Flower Pot Collectors Society #7672 1998 LLADRO "SNOWY SUNDAY" #2228 FIGURE ~ BOY/GIRL BENCH W/UMBRELLA LLADRO NAO DAISA B5MY PORCELAIN YOUNG GIRL W/ BONNET, BRAIDS & BASKET Lladro 1996 Pierrot Rehearsing #06259 Flower Petal RETIRED with Box MINT Vintage lladro figurines collectibles, #5906 Preening Bunny and #5904 Sleeping bunny LLADRO 1992 COLLECTIBLE BELL~EXCELLENT CONDITION~NO BOX LLADRO NAO Daisa 1978 Porcelain Figurine Glossy WHITE GOOSE Handmade Spain VINTAGE LLADRO LITTLE DUCKS AFTER MOTHER FIGURINE ~ 1307 ~ RETIRED ~ LOVELY! Lladro Figurine 6790 Counting Sheep, Mint, Retired, Box, Baby, Teddy Bear (A) Lladro Hand Made In Spain Porcelain Sleeping Baby Child Figurine Nice Desi9 Girl with bear Lladro figure, 6” inches tall Lladros Girl Sleepy Kitten # 5712 Glossy Lladro Resting/Sitting Polar Bear Figure Hand Made In Spain 4.75" Tall B26 #1208 Lladro Polar Bear Figurine Standing Porcelain Polar Bear Hand Made Spain 1207 4" He loves me ?,  Lladro figure of young Girl 2 Lladro Christmas Bells Bisque Raised Design Vtg 1990 1996 Vintage Lladro Ballerina "Heather" - #1359 - Retired Vintage Lladro Porcelain 1991 Christmas Nativity Bell Ornament 5803 Original Box