Because of their unique character and brilliance, their creations succeeded in grabbing attraction of a number of followers. With growing expertise, it was in that the trio is known to begin work on sculptures. These creations in sculptures saw a clear influence of th century settings. It was because of this uniqueness and elegant look that these pieces saw being linked with 'works of art' of past porcelain masters. History records say, Lladro is a family owned business that was founded in the year by Jose, Juan and Vincente Lladro in Almacera, Spain. Rosa Lladro, mother of three brothers first introduced them to the world of art.

Lladro "Dropping the Flowers" Figurine #1285 - Mint HTF 2003 NAO LLARDO Angel Figurine Small 2.75" tall x 2.25" Wide Vintage Lladro #4539 "Angel Thinking" Matte Finish Mint Condition - N/R LLADRO - LARGE & RARE "DAY DREAM" #12062. RETIIRED 1977. BEAUTIFUL, 16" HIGH LLADRO, "GUARDIAN ANGEL" # 6352, RETIRED 1997 SOLD OUT LLADRO - "WALTZ TIME" # 4856, RETIRED 1985, BEAUTIFUL LLADRO "BIRD WATCHER" # 4730 BEAUTIFUL Young Girl Holding Basket Lladro Figurine Large Retired 1975 Lladro Hand Made In Spain 16" Prowling Crouching Siamese Cat Nao Lladro Porcelain Vintage "Hush" Girl with Rag Doll Retired Figurine MINT 7" Lladro Figurine NAO Spain Daisa 1984 RARE LLADRO NAO GIRL WITH BOAT 6.5” Lladro Geese Figurine LLADRO FIGURINE #7611 “SUMMER STROLL” - MINT IN ORIGINAL BOX LLADRO #4862 PERCHERON HORSE TYPE 290 LLADRO FIGURINE #5050 "DANCER" – MINT LLADRO ORTOLAN IN TROUBLE #4852 FIGURINE – MINT IN ORIGINAL BOX LLADRO FIGURINE #5223 "SPRING IS HERE" - MINT LLADRO FIGURINE “ESKIMO JUGANDO” #1195 - MINT LLADRO FIGURINE #6705 "ONE FOR YOU, ONE FOR ME" – MINT LLADRO FIGURINE #4987 "SWEET GIRL" – MINT LLADRO FIGURINE #7609 “MY BUDDY” - MINT IN BOX LLADRO RETIRED FIGURINE #5034 "GOOSE TRYING TO EAT" – MINT LLADRO RETIRED FIGURINE #5149 "SCHOOL-GIRL "U" – MINT LLADRO FIGURINE #4502 "GIRL" – MINT LLADRO FIGURINE #7603 SPRING BOUQUETS - MINT LLADRO FIGURINE #5301 “WAITING TO TEE OFF” - MINT IN BOX LLADRO LARGE RETIRED FIGURINE #5130 “CLOWN'S HEAD BOWLER-HAT” (B) - MINT IN BOX LLADRO FIGURINE #4824 “GOLFER” – MINT IN ORIGINAL BOX Lladro Bride and Groom Couple Getting Married, Excellent Condition Retired Piece Lladro Nao del Manzano Figurine (No Butterfly) Vintage Lladro Porcelain Petals of Peace Two Doves Figurine 6579 - MINT w/Box Lladro Flemenco Dancer #5192 Flower in hair. Excellent Condition w/box Lladro 8059 Are You Tired? Retired. Rare LLADRO BEST FRIEND 07620 Columpiando al Osito 1993 COLLECTOR'S SOCIETY EXCLUSIVE Lladro Aisan Woman with Plant/Table LLADRO FIGURINE #4576 SHEPHERDESS GIRL SITTING WITH BIRD 9.5" TALL PREOWNED Lladro 4772, 'Rabbit Eating,' Porcelain Sculpture, Glazed/Glossy, Mint VINTAGE SIGNED RETIRED LLADRO SWAN WITH BABIES 3/30/1983 4 1/2 L 4" H small chip Vintage Lladro Zaphir Spain llardo lladro figurine Lladro "Lolita" Flamenco Dancer Figurine #5192 - Mint Lladro #5217 “Spring” Girl with Flowers Bird Watering Can Porcelain w/box RARE Lladro Figurine #866 Young Girl with Dog Nina con oca y perro w/box