A Lladro figurine from the open series are produced in an unlimited number. In the limited series, there are only a set number of figurines created and when they are sold, they are not produced any more. This is what makes these figurines so valuable and why people who have them want to get the proper Lladro repair if something happens to them. The numbered series of figurines by Lladro from Spain are also produced in a limited number and carry a certificate of authenticity. Along with buying Lladro figurines, you can also buy accessories to complement your Lladro from Spain pieces. These pieces are not made of porcelain like the figurines and include such things as parasols and flowers, which are stuck to the figurines in the firing process. When you purchase Lladro figurines, you can also purchase special insurance against breakage. Purchase of this insurance allows you to become one of the privileged members of the Lladro Company. Lladro figurines are made in the City of Porcelain, in the town of Almacera, Spain. Three brothers started this business in in the courtyard of the family home known as Lladro. Today they employ more than people and Lladro porclain are sold all over the world.

Lladro 5265 Centerpiece miniature bowl vase The Miniature Collection Lladro 5259 Urn - Decorated miniature vase/urn Lladro 5260 "Vase - Decorated" miniature vase 1973 Retired Lladro, Spain Glazed Green Dragon Vase Tall 20 1/4”-Julio Fernandez VINTAGE LLADRO JAPANESE GEISHA GIRL WITH VASE OF FLOWERS] Lladro style lady sculpture with attached bud vase Lladro Herons Realm Covered Vase Figurine. Silver Lustre 01007052 LLADRO VASE #4845 Peking vase with Butterfly Lladro Poppy Flowers Tall Vase. Green. Limited Edition 01008648 Lladro Herons' Realm Vase Silver Lustre 01007053 Lladro Vase Poppy Flowers Tall. Blue. Limited Edition 0100864 Lladro Naturofantastic Vase. Multicolor 01007915 Lladro Peonies Vase. Golden Lustre 01009211 Lladro Sparrows Vase. Black 01008726 Lladro Poppy Flowers Tall Vase. Blue. Limited Edition 01008649 Lladro Canvas Vase Flowers Tapestry Vase 01007077 Lladro VASE Naturofantastic Vase. Large Model. Multicolor 01007916 Lladro Conversation Vase. Limited Edition 01007597 Lladro Naturofantastic Vase. Large Model. Golden Lustre 01007903 Lladro PARADISE VASE 01001997 Adam Eva Lladro Oriental Vase Sculpture. Blue. Limited Edition 01001955 Lladro Oriental Vase Sculpture. Red. Limited Edition 01001954 Vintage Lladro Empire Blue Jug Vase Hand Made in Spain 18 2/8" RARE Vintage Renaissance Blue & White LLADRO SPAIN Boot Figurine Vase NAO (LLADRO) SWAN VASE - Authenticated on Base - QUALITY! VINTAGE LLADRO MINIATURE CELADON FLORAL VASE Retired Lladro Sparrows Flower Vase #4691 Vintage Blue and White Bird Vase Lladro Style Golf Bag Small Vase, Casades, Made in Spain New Lladro Woman Painting Vase - #5079, Spanish Porcelain Figurine LLadro Nao Swan Lamp Spain Porcelain ceramic VINTAGE MID CENTURY MODERN ERA Lladro Dais’s Mary Nativity Ceramic Vase Pottery Sculpture Mid Century Mcm Era Lladro Miniature Vase “Children Playing” #5258 Lladro Miniature Vase “Geisha Women” #5257 Lladro vintage porcelain miniature vase matte RETIRED mint condition 1980s LLADRO VASE WITH SPARROWS AND FLOWERS DAMAGE Lladro 5240 “Lady From Majorca" Woman Vase Figurine FREE USA SHIPPING Lladro 5265 Centerpiece miniature bowl vase The Miniature Collection Rare Lladro Rooster Chicken Large Vase Gloss Finish 1138 Limited Edition 266/500 Rare Lladro Paradise Bird Large Vase Gloss Finish 1137 Limited Edition 384/500 Lladro NATURO. -LARGE VASE (MULTICOLOR) 01007916 Made in Spain Vintage Retired Lladro Miniature Pink Matte Porcelain 2 3/4" Tall VASE Daisa Lladro #9061- Estratos Medium Vase(burgundy)- new - retired - rare - $990 value