People are ready to pay handsomely for them which might be said to be equivalent of paying for Rolls Royce cars or the Picasso of fine porcelain decor items. History records say Lladro Figurines came into picture way back in . It was during this time that three brothers, namely, Juan, Jose and Vicente Lladro created a stir with their first master pieces in what is said to be Moorish furnace in their home that was located at Alm�ssera Valencia in Spain. With this, they succeeded in fusing their artistic values with their work in field of tile and crockery factory. Because of their unique character and brilliance, their creations succeeded in grabbing attraction of a number of followers. With growing expertise, it was in that the trio is known to begin work on sculptures. These creations in sculptures saw a clear influence of th century settings. It was because of this uniqueness and elegant look that these pieces saw being linked with 'works of art' of past porcelain masters. History records say, Lladro is a family owned business that was founded in the year by Jose, Juan and Vincente Lladro in Almacera, Spain. Rosa Lladro, mother of three brothers first introduced them to the world of art. Almacera was a small farming community that was located in Spain's eastern Mediterranean coast.

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